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du invites Emiratis to apply for 2014 spring scholarships at American University of Dubai

With education being the cornerstone of a successful career and a more empowered Emirati society, du, in partnership with the American University in Dubai (AUD),du telecom23 is opening its doors to eligible Emiratis to apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree scholarships for the 2014 Spring semester. UAE nationals with special needs, who lack sufficient financial support to continue their studies, or who are single parents, are invited to apply.

The announcement follows the successful enrollment of 20 students on the degree course of their choice after being award a du and AUD scholarship for the first semester.

Every scholarship offered by du and AUD is renewable annually, dependent on the student’s academic progress.

Speaking on the scholarships, Ibrahim Nassir, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Organisation Development, du, said, “By providing Emiratis with scholarships, we are helping them to fulfil dreams of further education that may have otherwise been out of reach. This falls in line with our strategic goals to empower the Emirati community by providing them with opportunities that will improve their career prospects. So far, in partnership with AUD, we have provided 44 scholarships to build talent locally and there are currently 20 sponsored students benefiting from this exciting opportunity. We look forward to seeing more enrolled in the coming months.” New students interested in applying should visit du’s head office in Dubai Internet City to check their eligibility, and then visit the AUD Admissions office. Eligible students are required to have a minimum of 90% in their high school studies, or 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate studies, and pass the admission criteria.

Full details of the scholarship, including the application process, can be found at and The scholarship application deadline for 2014 Spring semester is 21st December 2013.

Source: WAM news agency


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