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Help AG – Etisalat Digital Security Named as a Major Player in GCC Professional

The IDC MarketScape report applies a rigorous vendor assessment model designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the competitive fitness of the region’s ICT service suppliers. Referencing the unique challenges that faced businesses in 2020, the report outlines that “the unintended outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic included an acceleration in digital transformation (DX) initiatives and a rapid increase in cloud adoption across the GCC region […] Against this backdrop, organizations[…] are being exposed to an increasing number of attacks and must manage complex data and security regulatory compliance and monitoring requirements alongside the protection of disparate endpoints used by staff working from home.”

In naming Help AG – Etisalat Digital Security as a Major Player in professional security services in the GCC, IDC MarketScape noted the following strengths, “Help AG takes a proactive approach to introduce new technologies, including managed security services, secure cloud enablement, and secure access service edge (SASE). With an effective cost-management strategy and flexible deployment and financial models, Help serves large enterprises and government customers, and also caters to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market, via Etisalat channels.”

Commenting on the report, Stephan Berner, Chief Executive Officer at Help AG, said: “In the face of ever-growing challenges posed by increasingly distributed systems, organisations in the GCC need ICT vendors that they can trust and rely on to provide them with the solutions and services appropriate to their needs. We are extremely proud to receive this recognition from the IDC MarketScape, as it validates our unfailing commitment to helping enterprises and government organizations at every scale to stay secure in the face of constantly evolving cyber threats.”

The report also notes that Help AG’s cybersecurity analysis team has more than 100 zero-day findings to its credit, which further demonstrates the freedom given to its core technical assessment team. “Help AG encourages its technical team to dedicate at least 30% of the workday to perform independent research and identify zero-days, work on developing new services and solutions, or focus on skills development,” the report states.

With regards to HelpAG’s expanding portfolio, the report references several unique emerging security services offered by the firm:

  • Help AG Secure Private Access (HPA), which is a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) service that enables secure connectivity to applications in today’s distributed workforce environment.
  • Digital Risk Protection service, which is a SaaS-based offering that enables the monitoring, analysis, mitigation, and resolution of digital security challenges.
  • Cyber Insurance, where Help AG has partnered with a global insurance firm to provide incident response coordination and technical services.

Additional findings:

  • “Help AG firmly believes in nurturing talent and client servicing, and that these two enable a service-based organization to succeed. Help AG has proven to be extremely successful in building its brand by becoming a trusted partner for its customers.”
  • “Help AG’s experts’ leverage orchestration, automation, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to design, deploy, and manage purpose-built cybersecurity solutions.”
  • “Its strategic consultants employ Help AG’s tried-and-tested holistic approaches, as well as international and local regulatory standards and industry best practices, to serve the varied requirements of customers.”


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