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Dhs20 billion worth of deals signed over first four days of IDEX and NAVDEX

The fourth day of the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and the Naval Defence Exhibition (NAVDEX) 2021 has seen the UAE Armed Forces sign 24 new deals, worth Dhs2.140 billion, with local and international companies. The cumulative value of deals signed at IDEX and NAVDEX is now Dhs20.053 billion.

Staff Brigadier-General Mohammed Al Hassani, official spokesperson of the IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions, said, “The total amount of deals with UAE companies amounted to Dhs1.42 billion, which accounts for 66 per cent of the total deal value, while the total amount of deals with international companies amounted to Dhs720 million, or 34 per cent of the total deal value.

“18 contracts were awarded to UAE companies, while six deals were agreed with international companies,” he added.

The deals were announced during a press conference held on Wednesday in the presence of Naval Staff Colonel Fahed Nasser Al Thehli and Lieutenant-Colonel Sarah Al Hajri, spokespersons for IDEX and NAVDEX 2021.

Fahed Nasser Al Thehli commented, “Deals have been put in place with ‘Nexter Systems’, providing spare parts for Leclerc tanks for the General Maintence Corps, at a value of Dhs92,947,500. Agreements have been finalised with ‘NORCONSULT TELEMATICS LTD’, providing advisory services for a value of Dhs35,525,256.

“Contracts have been agreed with ‘Adil Textiles Private Limited’, purchasing camouflage netting for the Armed Forces, at a value of Dhs92,625,824. The UAE Armed Forces have finalised arrangements with ‘NORTHSTAR AVIATION LLC’, purchasing the BELL 407 Multi-role Helicopter for the Joint Aviation Command at a value of Dhs224,053,000.

“We have cemented a deal with ‘JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S’, purchasing an FBM21 fuses for the Air Defence Command, at a value of Dhs90,564,826. Contracts have been renewed with ‘DIGITAL GLOBE Inc.’ for the provision of satellite photography, as well as maintaining reception systems and training equipment at the Space Reconnaissance Center, for a value of Dhs184,369,908.”

Sarah Al Hajri, further commented, “Deals have been agreed with ‘MP3 International Trading Agencies LLC’, purchasing ammunition for the Land Forces, at a value of Dhs41,000,000. We have cemented contracts with ‘Barij Munitions’, purchasing MK-82 and MK-81 bombs for the Air Force, at a value of Dhs94,868,000.

“Further deals have been implemented with ‘Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments LLC’, purchasing drone systems, launch pads, and ground control units for the Presidential Guard Command, at a value of Dhs55,128,014. Agreements have been implemented with ‘International Golden Group IGG’, purchasing weaponry and munitions for Dhs485,000,000.

“Contracts have been signed with ‘AMMROC’, purchasing ADTE devices to develop Mirage aircraft for the Air Force, at a value of Dhs117,816,761. Deals have been finalised with ‘Lima Aviation LLC’, providing Black Hawk craft with firefighting systems, at a value of Dhs52,760,485.

“Further contracts have been signed with ‘Al Fattan’ for the value of Dhs22,000,000. Contracts have been finalised with ‘Royal Jet’, managing and operating the International Movements Operations Centre for the Air Force at a value of Dhs110,000,000. Deals have been finalised with ‘Al Jasoor’, supplying technical support and repair for the General Maintenance Corps at a value of Dhs30,000,000.

“Agreements have been signed with ‘Trust International Group LLC’, purchasing weaponry for the Land Forces at a value of Dhs137,129,360. Further deals have been agreed with ‘Emirates General Transport and Services EST’, providing technical support for armed forces vehicles, at a value of Dhs56,000,000.

“Agreements were implemented with ‘Al Tuff International Company’ purchasing a range of ammunition at a value of Dhs136,669,029. Deals have been finalised with ‘ATLAS ELEKTRONIK LLC’, providing maintenance for underwater craft, at a value of Dhs8,500,000.

“Agreements have been put in place with ‘Emirates Advanced Research & Technology Holding’, providing technical support at a value of Dhs3,000,000. Contracts have been agreed with ‘Key Information Technology’, purchasing and installing secure network information equipment for the Air Force, at a value of Dhs8,040,500.

“There have been further agreements with ‘MBDA UAE Limited’, providing technical support for the Air Force at a value of Dhs26,445,000. Further arrangements have been made with ‘Al Badie Trading Establishment’, providing technical support for the General Maintenance Corps for a value of Dhs15,000,000. Deals have been finalised for the Al Taif Technical Services Company, providing maintenance for cooling devises and power generators in air defence systems for the Air Defence Command, at a value of Dhs21,000,000,” she concluded.


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