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AppMahal launches unique social sharing network for mobile apps in Arabic

AppMahal application

AppMahal application

World-first mobile application allows users to see and share applications on their friends’ phones and find great new apps easily and effectively

AppMahal Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of AppMahal – the first social sharing network for mobile applications. AppMahal, which is available on on Google Play, allows all the users who have downloaded it and logged in through Facebook to see which applications their friends and other users have on their phones and share applications and recommendations between them.

AppMahal is developed for the Arab market by an Arab entrepreneur team and its goal is to help users in Arab-speaking markets discover and share great apps for their smartphones. By linking social connections such as Facebook to the huge world of mobile apps, AppMahal enables users to see which applications their friends and other social network members are using on their phones, using information which is already available and provided through the social network.  AppMahal allows users to find new, interesting and popular applications without the hassle of searching through millions of apps. AppMahal uses social connections in a new, effective and exciting way to quickly find good mobile applications – and specifically for the Arabic-speaking markets.

AppMahal was founded in 2014 by a team of experts in the mobile space, with many years of experience. With an office in Amman, Jordan, and uniquely focused on the Arab-speaking markets, AppMahal’s vision is to serve the entry point to the world of mobile applications- for the Arab population, developed by Arab innovation.


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