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Youngest Emirati athlete Hana Al Nabulsi completes Mexico’s Ironman triathlon

The “Ironman” is a triathlon race, similar to a marathon. It begins with swimming, then cycling, and ends with running. The total distance of competitions is 113km in the three competitions, which are swimming for a distance of 1.9km, cycling for a distance of 90km and running for a distance of 21.1km.

Hana Al Nabulsi, 24, is the youngest Emirati to complete the “Iron Man” 70.3 race in Mexico with a duration of 7 hours and 9 minutes.

The sixth edition of “Ironman,” which was held on Jumeirah Street, in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council, with the participation of elite world champions and world record holders in this sport.

The championship competitions were in the swimming race at Umm Suqeim Beach in Jumeirah, while the running competitions were performed on Jumeirah Street and the running track along Jumeirah Beach The bicycle race had been held in various Dubai roads, passing through the Al Marmoom Conservation Area.


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