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Dubai hosted 17 international and domestic sports events last week

The blockbuster Indian Premier League final between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders at Dubai International Stadium on Friday night topped a list of 17 sports events that took place across Dubai during the weekend.

Organised under the aegis of Dubai Sports Council, the events attracted more than 25,000 in-person spectators, including thousands of boisterous supporters at the IPL finale. Thousands more packed the stands at a bustling Coca Cola Arena on Friday night for TK Fight Night’s Social Knockout 2 and the Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night at La Perle, as well as at Hamdan Sports Complex, which hosted the Apex 1st Swimming Community Junior Championship and the Hamilton Aquatics Development Series.

More than 1200 runners participated in Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, organised by Promoseven Sports Marketing in Dubai International Financial District on Friday. In the 21km male category, Konrad Taber crossed the distance within 1:21:13 to take first place, while Emilia Skolubowicz secured first place among women. In 10 km race, Aggrey Agaba crossed the distance in 33:20 minutes for first place in the male category. Chloe Tighe won the women’s 10km run in 36:52 minutes.

In the 5km race, Paul Komo finished the race in 16:23 minutes for first place in the men’s category, while Gilly Glynn crossed the line in 19:39 minutes to win the women’s run.

Hamdan Sports Complex hosted the Apex 1st Swimming Community Junior Championship with participation of 350 male & female swimmers of 7 to 10 years old from 20 clubs & academies. Participants in this competition were classified into two categories; these were: 50 M & 100 M and they competed in freestyle swimming, back swimming, breaststroke, butterfly swimming & various swimming.

Hamdan Sports Complex also hosted the Hamilton Aquatics Swimming Championship on Saturday.

The Night Run was organized on Thursday evening 14th Oct. at Dubai International Academy in Al-Barsha. The Badwin Badminton Championship was arranged by Phoenix Sports Academy at its premises in Al Quoz 3 with participation of 200 male & female players of various ages & multi-nationalities. The Eyami Automobile Race took place at Dubai Kartdrome.

A group of the most famous content makers and social media stars competed in the Social Knockout 2 at Coca Cola Arena in City Walk Dubai. This competition was organized by T K Fight Night.


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