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Swiss-Kuwaiti group to launch SME forum Sunday

Flag-Pins-Switzerland-Kuwait Swiss-Kuwaiti business group is set to launch a forum on small-sized enterprises (SMEs) next Sunday, with local and foreign economists to be attending.
The forum comes at a time when all entrepreneurs are waiting for a recently approved national fund for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to be effective, the group’s board chairman Mstafa Behbehani said at a news conference.
The participants will mainly discuss all obstacles and challenges impeding the sector of small-sized enterprises in Kuwait, and seek to find appropriate solutions, he said.
A presentation is to be made during the event on major successful projects in Europe, mainly Switzerland and France, Behbehani added.
The forum is also meant to boost Kuwaiti young people’s awareness about the significance of setting up privately-owned enterprises due to relevant favorable effects on the country’s national economy, he pointed out.

KUNA Kuwait News agency


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