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Russian Business Council in the UAE represents Russian business in Africa and the Middle East

Russia and UAE

Russia and UAE

As the Russian Business Council in the UAE promised this year will be eventful and fruitful when it comes to the Russian business relations with the region, remarkable progress in bridging the gaps continues to reveal itself as the (Annual Russian Regional Compatriot Conference) was successfully held in Dubai. The event welcomed Mr. Alexander Efimov, Russian ambassador in the UAE, Russian ambassador in Qatar, and head of the (Global Coordination for Russian Compatriot), as well as officials from the Russian parliament, it also gathered fifteen representatives from various African and Middle Eastern regions, amongst them were The Congo Republic, Mozambique, Lebanon and Jordan.

The three-day conference addressed key principles and strategies to enhance relations between Russia and the participating countries, as well as future possible opportunities of cooperation in cultural and economic terms. Considerable effort was made to pinpoint the main means and elements for the Russian Compatriot to engage into foreign communities and help enriching the culture of both sides.

One of the main outcomes of the event was promoting RBC to be the business representative for Russians in the region, which also meant that Dubai now is the new headquarter of the (Global Coordination of Russian Regional Compatriot).

Dr. Igor Egorov, Chairman of the Russian Business Council in the UAE, stated that: “This is a major boost for us, practical experience shows that RBC is undoubtedly going ahead in its mission, becoming a larger gate to cooperation between Russia and the region, and gaining a more important irreplaceable role in the business community throughout the way.”

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates


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