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Qatar-France Trade Valued $2.5 bn in 2013-Minister of Economy and Trade

Qatar, France

Qatar, France

The volume of trade exchanges between Qatar and France hit $2.5 billion last year, showing an increase of 2% against 2012.
Addressing the Qatari-French Businessmen Forum in Paris, staged by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, HE the Minister of Economy and Trade Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohamed Al -Thani said the figures attested to the growth of trade and investment relationship between both countries.

In citing the forum as yet a fresh step in the partnership between Qatar and France, he recalled that relations between the two sides were the oldest with the EU, referring to an agreement on trade and investment signed in 1974.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Economy and Trade in Doha also quoted the minister as saying that there are 51 wholly French-owned companies in Qatar, besides 100 other companies jointly shared by both sides. This is added to other French investments in big petrochemical, oil and gas companies, which make Qatar the largest destination for French investments among the GCC countries.

France, he explained is the second recipient of Qatari investments in EU members, which hit $25 billion, apart from some $5 billion private investments.
Qatari businessmen and investors who took part in the forum which was held at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development also emphasized the forum’s role in cementing cooperation and in the transfer of expertise between both sides.

Chairman of Qatar’s Chamber of Trade and Industry, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Jassim Bin Mohamed Al Thani said the forum discussed ways of supporting the small and medium industries.
President of Qatar First Bank Abdullah Bin Fahad Bin Ghurab Al Marri said discussions at the forum were transparent and that all tools for its success were available.

Another Qatari businessman said there was a need to avail of France’s experience in the development of manufacturing industries in Qatar. Khalid Mohamed Sultan Laram , the deputy executive director of Aluminum Qatar said there was room for sophisticated advancement in such industry.

Cementing future cooperation between Qatari and French small and medium industries was addressed by Omran Bin Hamad Al Kuwari, the executive president of Qatar Ventures. He noted that the scope of cooperation between the two sides in this sector could be expanded.

The forum was attended by more than 200 businessmen and investors from Qatar and France and discussed a host of issues ranging from the challenges facing Qatar in the energy sector, to joint investments and Qatar’s preparations for hosting the world football cup in 2022 as well as cooperation in research and innovation.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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