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International Figures Commend Qatar’s Commitment to WTO’s Regulations

bA number of ambassadors and officials praised Saturday the State of Qatar’s commitment to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) regulations as well as its cooperation to enhance free trade and cross border investments.
The officials were commenting on Qatar’s review of its trade policy at the WTO’s headquarters in Geneva. The Jordanian envoy to the organization, who spoke on behalf of the Arab group, praised Qatar’s achievements under the leadership of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim, stressing on the Arab group’s support to Qatar.
The Kuwaiti ambassador, who addressed the event on behalf of the GCC group, praised the review made by the Qatari delegation and hailed Qatar’s role in enhancing multi-party trade negotiations.
The US Envoy to the World Trade Organizations praised bilateral relations with the State of Qatar in economic and trade fields, adding that both countries share the same views on encouraging a free global economy. He added that the delegation’s transparent review of Qatar’s trade policies will boost trade relations. He noted that Qatar’s high GDP per capita, the highest in the world, makes it a lucrative investment destination for US investors and corporations.
The EU Commission’s representative commended the actions and the recent steps taken by the Qatari government to improve the investment climate in Qatar, and asked for more liberalization in the banking and insurance sector.
Canada’s representative at the United Nations said that Qatar could be a regional health, education and financial services hub, adding that the Canadian government is ready to provide technical support to Qatar in this area.
The Japanese envoy expressed his pride that Japan was the first trading partner of Qatar, revealing that 80% of the country’s energy imports come from Qatar.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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