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Dubai takes on a vibrant role in linking Asian markets with Western economy

Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs hosted an expanded meeting with a delegation of South Korean companies based in Dubai.

The meeting was part of “Irtibaat” initiative; launched by DC to boost communication and interaction with Dubai’s trading partners through on-going coordination with businesses that represent countries engaged in strategic trade relations with Dubai. The meeting was also attended by a South Korean diplomatic mission.

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Dubai Customs Director, welcomed the delegation, in the presence of the Consul General of South Korea in Dubai, Seong-doo Ahn. On the other hand, the South Korean delegation included representatives of major Korean companies in various economic sectors.

Ahmed Mahboob said: “We are committed to strengthen our ties with traders and companies worldwide through “Irtibaat” initiative. We strive to keep communication channels open between us and foreign representatives of business sectors and listen to their suggestions on enhancing cooperation and coordination, ensuring the delivery of top-notch customs services and facilities that serve DC’s strategic goals of trade facilitation and supporting Dubai’s economic growth.” Commenting on the meeting, he also said: “We enjoy strong ties with South Korea’s business sector that we continuously strive to take further in respect to the on-going developments in the economic partnership with the Republic of South Korea. Dubai-South Korea bilateral trade has increased 18 per cent in 2013 to reach AED 27 billion, compared to AED 23 billion in 2012. Dubai Customs endeavours to enhance trade with South Korean businesses by enabling them to actively utilise customs services, particularly to expedite cargo clearance and provide added value that boosts traders and investors’ returns.” The Director of Dubai Customs pointed out that “The relations with the South Korean business sector are of exceptional importance, due to the economic boom witnessed by Asian countries, most prominently South Korea; and also due to the vibrant role played by Dubai as a major connecting point between Asian and global markets. This makes our business partnership with South Korea gain increasing significance that we at Dubai Customs are committed to support by providing value-added customs services to South Korean traders and companies”.

On his part, the Consul General of South Korea in Dubai, Seong-doo Ahn, said he had high hopes for positive outcomes of the meeting, as many issues of customs and trade procedures were clarified and made easier, which will help the South Korean business sector make informed decisions, particularly in connection with new enterprises to be launched in Dubai. He highlighted the importance of cooperating with Dubai Customs within the framework of enhancing bilateral trade and avail of Dubai’s strategic location as a global business hub to further boost South Korean trade flows on a worldwide scale.

Dubai Customs expressed willingness to assist South Korean companies and traders, providing answers to their inquiries in respect to other border security agencies, through fast coordination with these authorities as per the agreements and MOUs signed with them.

During the meeting, DC officials urged South Korean companies to register their products’ trademarks and join hands with DC in carrying out awareness campaigns to educate the general public on the importance of IPR protection and countering of counterfeits.

The Customs Development Division at DC briefed the South Korean delegation about Dubai Customs smart services. The multiple channels used to deliver customs services were described and the whole process of requesting a service explained in detail.

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates


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