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Wafi Group acquires Craig Bragdy Design

Wafi Group has acquired the UK’s Craig Bragdy Design (CBD) to establish a new business venture in the United Arab Emirates. A small family business in ceramics, started in Wales by Rhys and Jean Powell, the company is now managed by the founder’s two sons Nick and Shon Powell and is an established enterprise that creates art-based products for use in architectural settings. The new company in Dubai will be home to six of Craig Bragdy’s most experienced personnel and a re-establishment of CBD’s production technique in the heart of their main market.


“This partnership has an interesting underlying story. Approximately 30 years ago Wafi Group’s owner worked very closely with Rhys and Jean to create a piece of art for the main atrium at WAFI and even though we have recently refurbished this area, this work of art remains a prominent feature at the centre of WAFI. During some recent renovations, we contacted the company to discuss the refit of their ceramic sculpture in the mall which opened the door for a new business opportunity” said Peter French, Managing Director, Wafi Group. We are constantly seeking to develop our portfolio with exclusive business concepts that cater to a niche market. WAFI signifies culture, art and tradition and therefore we chose to liaise with Craig Bragdy as one of our new partners under the Wafi Group umbrella” he added.


“We, at Craig Bragdy, have a worldwide reputation for our vision, innovation and distinctive work with ceramic production” said Nick Powell, Director, Craig Bragdy Design. “While we continuously and successfully have been pushing the boundaries of our artistic latitude and project scale, it was time to consider the future of our business and diversify the kind of work we do. The partnership with Wafi Group creates far better opportunities and benefits for our brand. In addition to our existing expertise, we now have the capital and resources to recruit more people and enhance the existing business model allowing for an enriched core structure”.


Craig Bragdy Design is setting up large-scale production facilities in Dubai while a small support manufacturing plant will remain in the UK for as long as necessary. Most importantly, Nick and Shon will be moving with the business in order to ensure the company’s individuality, ambition and legacy lives on.



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