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RTA Dubai completes a project with 13 bridges leading to Dubai Hills Mall

RTA Dubai announced the completion of all works of the bridges and roads project leading to (Dubai Hills Mall), which consists of 13 bridges, with a total length of 3700 meters, a width ranging between 11 and 22 meters, and a capacity of approximately 23500 vehicles per hour. The Authority will open on Saturday 30 May 2020, a major bridge on Umm Suqeim Street, while other bridges will be opened in conjunction with the opening of the mall located at the intersection of Umm Suqeim and Al Khail streets.

His Excellency Matar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority, said that the road and bridges project leading to the Dubai Hills Mall and infrastructure works and the development of Umm Suqeim Street contribute to providing direct entrances and exits from Al Khail and Umm Suqeim Street to give a smooth and free movement to enter Dubai Hills Mall from all directions, where three entrances will be provided for arrivals from the Deira and Umm Suqeim area as well as the Jebel Ali area, and provide direct exits on the Al Khail and Umm Suqeim streets, as the project contributes to raising the efficiency of Umm Suqeim Street and the intersections along it and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in both directions Also, strengthening the link between Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Street, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Street and Emirates Street, and reducing the journey time on Umm Suqeim Street from 18 minutes to 7 minutes in the part that extends from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street to Al Khail Street.

He added, the project included the implementation of 13 bridges, with a total length of 3700 meters, a width ranging from 11 to 22 meters, and an estimated capacity of 23,500 vehicles per hour, and also included the implementation of ramps for bridges with a length of about 2500 meters, and 10 of these bridges form the entrances and exits to and from the building ( Dubai Hills Mall (from Al Khail Street (completed and will be opened in conjunction with the opening of the Dubai Hills Mall), in addition to three bridges that make up the entrances and exits from Umm Suqeim Street, where traffic coming from Umm Suqeim Street and Al Khail Street heading to Dubai Hills Mall was separated on transit, utilizing new bridges, which consist of five lanes for direct entry to the mall, with a capacity of about 7500 vehicles per hour.

The Umm Suqeim Street Bridge provides free traffic along the Umm Suqeim Street at its intersection with the entrance to the Dubai Hills and Al Barsha areas. It is 500 meters long, with a capacity of four tracks in each direction. Its carrying capacity is estimated at 8 thousand vehicles per hour in each direction. The project serves more Of the 115 thousand residents of the nearby areas such as Al Barsha South, Arjan, Dubai Hills, and others.

The project also included the development of some internal roads in the area of ​​(Dubai Hills Estate), to facilitate traffic for the residents of Al Barsha areas south of the first and second, as it will be linked to new roads and bridges and the area of ​​(Dubai Hills Estate).

It should be noted that (Dubai Hills Mall) is one of the biggest destinations that Emaar develops as a joint project with «Meraas», which is one of the distinctive features of Dubai Hills Estate, as it is the destination that complements the residential and commercial complex, in addition to attracting visitors from all over the world .

Dubai Hills Mall spans 2 million square feet, hosting 650 shops and restaurants, including family entertainment options, multiple movie theaters, and a hypermarket.

Dubai Hills Mall can be easily reached from downtown Dubai, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches and nearby residential complexes via Al Khail Street and Umm Suqeim Street


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