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Jenaan Investment, Agrivita, and German Standard Group launch new Mawashi programme

Mawashi, a new initiative introduced by Jenaan Investment, Agrivita, and German Standard Group, has launched, with the aim of providing an enhanced genetic profile of the UAE’s sheep and goat livestock, in line with the UAE National Food Security Strategy 2051.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who is himself a progressive sheep and goat farmer, was signed as the first customer of Mawashi, and is keen to see the benefits of Mawashi’s involvement in his farm. The company is looking to attract Goat and Sheep farmers from across the UAE to take part with their program of improving local livestock caliber.

Speaking on the launch of Mawashi, Mr. Mohammed Al Falasi, CEO of Jenaan Investments, says: “In the UAE, ensuring the security of our national food basket, in line with the National Food Security Strategy 2051, remains a consistent and forefront priority of both government and private entities working in the agricultural sector.”

“With three million farm animals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi alone, Mawashi has been established to ensure that animal wellbeing and farm efficiency is at the forefront of livestock rearing. Mawashi provides expert agricultural guidance and leading technology to ensure UAE farmers are supported in delivering to the nation a consistent source of food security.”

“We’re proud to welcome Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan as the first user of this service,” Al Falasi continued, “as he recognises the potential Mawashi has to improve the health of his animal livestock and the operational efficiency of his farm. We hope to welcome more farm owners to participate in this innovative agricultural management scheme.”

Mawashi provides breeds of goat and sheep livestock which are most suitable for the UAE conditions from their specialised breeding facility in Al Ain. Alongside introducing high-quality genetic material into farmers’ herds, Mawashi provide a comprehensive suite of specified services, including vaccination, animal nutrition, data capturing and building of databases, and pregnancy diagnosis.

The company aims to ensure that livestock herds in the UAE maintain good health, provide a high quantity of meat, and provide a strong return of investment for local farmers.

Mawashi also offers training for agricultural workers to enable optimal international standards to be used in farms across the UAE, alongside providing the latest agrarian technological solutions to ensure efficient and fast service for farmers, and minimum stress for animals.


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