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Intertek launches safety programme in the Middle East and partners with Saudi Arabian brand ALBAIK

Intertek has recently announced the launch of Protek, a health, safety and wellbeing assurance programme, which is intended to protect people, workplaces and public spaces, including its POSI Check audit solution which helps in the Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI).

Protek is a comprehensive offering of assurance services designed to provide businesses across all industry sectors, employees, and consumers the confidence they need to operate in the post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’.

Intertek recently signed a contract to provide its Protek solutions to ALBAIK Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular fast food chains.

As part of Protek, Intertek Cristal which focuses on quality, safety and risk management for the hospitality sectors, will provide the POSI Check audit solution to ALBAIK Group to help in the Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI) for their 100+ restaurants Quick Service Restaurants. The solution is designed to formulate and monitor an effective response to communicable infections.

Further, Protek Dine Check protocol will ensure that cleanliness and hygiene levels spanning the kitchens, furnishings, washrooms and surfaces in every restaurant meet the most stringent standards for guests and employees alike.


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