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Antika Bar launches new mezze night, stand-up comedy show and more

Antika Bar is set to launch a new schedule of events, including a Mezze Night every Monday, Stand-up Comedy on Tuesdays and Antika Brunch on July 24.

The Antika Bar brunch returns on July 24 with live performances by Lebanese singer Pamela Farhat. From 2pm-6pm, guests can indulge in Mezze plates, Manakeesh, Main Courses and Desserts. Packages start at AED 200 for soft drinks, AED 320 for the regular package, and AED 420 for the premium package of bubbles.

July 27 marks the launch of a weekly Mezze Night. From 9pm-12am, guests can feast on an open a la carte menu, and order as many sharing dishes as they like for the set price of AED 199 AED per person.

The classic menu features regional favourites such as Labneh Makdous, Hummus, Shanklish, Warak Enab, Feta Salad and Tabbouleh, as well as hot plates of Lahme Ras Asfour, Soujouk, Kebbeh and Arayes Kafta. Live performances by guitarist, Albert, will include the sounds of Rehbaniyet and Fairouziyet providing entertainment.

On Tuesday August 4, Antika Bar presents Stand-Up Comedy in collaboration with renowned regional artist, Ali Al Sayed.


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