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Al Rawabi partners with the Ministry of Health to launch ‘Salute to our Doctors’ initiative

Al Rawabi has launched a new initiative to support the healthcare system.

Through a tie-up with the Ministry of Health, the company is committed to salute and serve the doctors, nurses and patients with its functional products to support, maintain and improve everyone’s immunity health.

Until further notice, and during this time of crisis, a truck full of Al Rawabi functional products (Vitamin D, Nutree Boost, Orange Juice, Super Milk) will be delivered daily to the Ministry of Health, which will be taking care of distributing the products within the hospitals’ network to everyone, from the medical staff to their patients, to boost their immune system.

This initiative, which falls under CSR, highlights all the efforts that Al Rawabi is taking towards fighting COVID-19, while being in sync with the newly established government policies.

“We are not powerless” says Dr Ahmed El Tigani, CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy Company. “The investments we made in research and innovation helped Al Rawabi produce superior quality products in terms of safety, taste, nutrition but most importantly in terms of functionality. In a time where everyone is looking at how to protect himself from COVID-19, Al Rawabi is committed to boosting your health by improving the well-being of your immune system.”

The functional products, which are enriched with multivitamins and minerals, were designed to help solve the major health concerns of the GCC population.

For example, Al Rawabi’s Vitamin D Milk was developed based on studies from Dr Michael Holick, Professor of Medicine, Dermatology and Physiology at the Boston University School of Medicine, and considered the leading authority on Vitamin D.

The company highlights that following the COVID-19 outbreak, Al Rawabi took all precautionary measures to ensure that its 15,000 cows are milking healthily.


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