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Al Bustan Centre waives two months’ rent for its tenants

In support of the UAE Government’s efforts to overcome the pandemic battle, Al Bustan Centre has waived off two months’ rent for all its tenants. This bold move by the mall management comes as a relief to the tenants that will help them sustain their business and minimize the impact of this global crisis.

Al Bustan Centre is driven to support its retail & mall tenants; hence the rental free relief was kicked off from March to April 2020. More than 90 retail shops within the mall, whether existing or startups, have benefited from this move. Al Bustan offered rent-related support to all its inhabitants’ way before the Covid-19 outbreak became severe; giving huge discounts since the beginning of the year for those retailers who were renewing their leasing contracts.

In support of overcoming this pandemic, Mr. Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer of Al Bustan Centre, said, “In these unfortunate times, we empathize every business that is facing difficulties, and we are committed to supporting our retailers by easing off their rental burden. In full support to the UAE governments’ approach and initiatives, likewise Al Bustan Centre was motivated to follow this lead by starting off and giving opportunities & incentives to its valued shopping mall tenants to mitigate the effect of this crisis. Al Bustan Centre is strongly dedicated for the wellbeing of the nation hence, will continue to come up with ways that can help ease the economic pressure to its retailers.


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