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Abu Dhabi Municipality builds and revamps speed bumps in Abu Dhabi’s Riyadh City

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has implemented a project aimed at developing and rehabilitating street pitfalls in the city of Riyadh in Abu Dhabi, and the works have included bumps located near 40 interchanges.

The project’s works included the construction of 97 new bumps, the completion of 100 previously existing bumps, and the removal of 16 old bumps as an obstacle to the movement of vehicles. The project also included the renewal of 113 bumps.

The project teams have completed this project in record time, not exceeding six working days. During the course of the project, other sites were added to a number of pitfalls to continue the work, and all elements of the project were accomplished in only 13 days, bringing the total of the pitfalls completed to 226 pitfalls.


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