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Kuwait Stock Exchange ends Thursday in red zone

Kuwait Stock Exchange

Kuwait Stock Exchange

Kuwait Stock Exchange ended Thursday’s session in the red zone as the weighted index came to 463.48 points losing 2.29 points, the price index reached 6,986.68 points, losing 32.93 points and the KSX 15 reached 1,122.03 points, losing 9.49 points.
The number of trades was 2,644 with a value of 11,092,800.88 and a volume of 104,143,538.
The top gainers were (MARAKEZ), (FACIL), (ACICO), (CBK) and (QURAINHLD), while the top volume shares were (HITSTELEC), (ADNC), (SAFRE), (QURAINHLD) and (ISKAN).

Source : KUNA Kuwait News agency


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