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Lufthansa Group airlines will bring Dubai back to its schedule

Starting at the beginning of June, Lufthansa will be offering again a resumed flight service from Dubai to Frankfurt. The flight offer from the United Arab Emirates will thus resume with three weekly departures. These new connections are part of the overall restart of schedules containing at the end of June 180 destinations.

The Lufthansa Group connections for the United Arab Emirates will commence (Subject to government approval) on Sunday 7 June, when the Lufthansa flight LH 630 from FRA to DXB will take off from Frankfurt at 2:10pm and arrive in Dubai at 10:35pm (local time). Flights will continue between the destinations every second day, with the LH 631 from DXB to FRA commencing on Tuesday 9 June. LH 631 leaves Dubai at 1:00am, and arrives in Frankfurt at 5:55am (local time).

The airlines in the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, SWISS, Eurowings) expand substantially their schedule in June, offering numerous leisure destinations, as well as more intercontinental connections. With more than 106 destinations in Germany and Europe and over 20 intercontinental destinations, the range of flights on offer by the end of June will expand noticeably for all travellers. By the end of June, the Lufthansa Group airlines plan to offer around 1,800 weekly roundtrips to more than 130 destinations worldwide.

“With the June flight schedule, we are making an important contribution to the revitalisation of the aviation infrastructure. It is an essential part of the German and European economic power. People want to and can travel again, whether on holiday or for business reasons. That is why we will continue to expand our offer step by step in the coming months and connect Europe with each other and Europe with the world,” says Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of German Lufthansa AG.

The additional resumed Lufthansa flights in the first half of June in Ger-many and Europe are from Frankfurt: Hanover, Majorca, Sofia, Prague, Manchester, Billund, Nice, Budapest, Riga, Dublin, Krakow, Bucharest, and Kiev. From Munich it is Münster/Osnabrück, Sylt, Rostock, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, and Palme de Mallorca.

In the first half of June, the flight schedule also includes 19 long-haul destinations, fourteen more than in May. In total, Lufthansa, SWISS and Eurowings will thus be offering more than 70 weekly frequencies overseas until mid-June, almost four times as many as in May. Further resumption of Lufthansa long-haul flights is planned for the second half of June.

Lufthansa’s long-haul resumption of flights from Frankfurt in detail (subject to possible travel restrictions): Toronto, Mexico City, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Riyadh, Bahrain, Johannesburg, Dubai, Shanghai, and Mumbai, among others. The destinations Newark/New York, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Bangkok will continue to be offered.

Lufthansa’s long-haul return flights from Munich in detail (subject to possible travel restrictions): Chicago, Los Angeles, among others.

The flight schedules of the Lufthansa Group airlines are closely coordinated, thus enabling reliable connectivity to European and intercontinental destinations once again.

Austrian Airlines has decided to extend the suspension of regular flight operations for a further week, from 31 May to 7 June. A resumption of service in June is being considered.

SWISS is planning to resume services to various destinations in the Mediterranean region, and other major European centres such as Paris, Brussels and Moscow will also be added to the programme.

In its long-haul operations, too, SWISS will again offer its passengers new inter-continental direct services in June in addition to its three weekly services to New York / Newark (USA). The Swiss carrier plans to offer flights from Zurich to New York JFK, Chicago, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg.

Eurowings had already announced last week that it would be expanding its basic program at the airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg and Stuttgart and gradually adding 15 further destinations within Europe from May onwards. With Spain, Greece, Portugal and Croatia, the focus is on destinations in the Mediterranean region. For the first time, the island of Mallorca will again be of-fered from several German Eurowings gateways

Brussels Airlines plans to resume its flight operations with a reduced network offer as from 15 June

When planning their trip, customers should consider the current entry and quarantine regulations of the respective destinations. Throughout the entire trip, restrictions may be imposed due to stricter hygiene and security regulations, for example due to longer waiting times at airport security checkpoints. The catering services on board will also remain restricted until further notice.

In addition, passengers will continue to be asked to wear a nose-and-mouth cover on board during the entire journey.


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