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Pink Salt grill opens at JW Marriott Muscat

JW Marriott Muscat has opened the doors to Pink Salt.

Introducing Muscat’s first dry-aging refrigerator, full-fledged oyster bar, and three signature cooking methods, the restaurant features a menu crafted by Executive Chef Angelos Kallinteris.

“The concept of Pink Salt is founded on the principles of freshness and simplicity, incorporating the finest ingredients obtained from local farmers and suppliers and impeccable storage techniques. The caringly crafted menu supports seasonal cooking to ensure the freshest flavors all year round. Catering to grill lovers and offering multiple cooking methods, every single dish is prepared and served exactly how it’s meant to be. What’s more, it’s all delivered with intentional service that anticipates our guests’ every need, while inspiring them to enjoy every moment with the people most important to them,” says JW Muscat General Manager Giuseppe Ressa.

Dishes include foie gras, beef tartare, and dry-aged steaks. Plus, local seafood, including a selection of oysters. Steakhouse cooking techniques include the smoky, charcoal-cooking method of Parrilla Grill, the controlled-cooking technique of Montegue Grill, and the Josper oven method of cooking at high tempatures for a crispy exterior and a juicer meat.


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