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New production to feature local food heroes in post-COVID marketing campaign

Planet Happiness, which promotes and measures destination well-being and movement towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals in tourism sites, has teamed up with Taste of Happiness to boost food tourism when travel returns.

The Taste of Happiness media production initiative aims to spotlight local people engaged in culinary crafts. Through a series of 12-minute branded videos, Taste of Happiness will present destinations’ culinary crafts and traditional recipes.

It will intertwine content with local culture and evocative landscapes. Chefs, food and drink artisans, farmers and winemakers will be featured.

Planet Happiness has partnered with Taste of Happiness because the spotlight will be on local people who bring happiness to the world, often quietly behind the scenes, dedicating themselves to their culinary labour of love.

Each local food and drink story, told through the eyes of a local ‘hero’ will include reflections on what makes him or her and their local community happy.


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