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Nestlé Professional MENA: Making Delicious Possible with Chef Somopriyo Basu

Emirates Hospitality Executive Chef Somopriyo Basu, an Indian national, has 13 years of culinary experience, six of which are in the UAE.

Can you give us a glimpse of your career journey so far?
I started my career with The Park Hotels in India. Then, I have worked with Hard Rock Café, Landmark group in Abu Dhabi and Emirates Hospitality in Dubai.

What’s your favourite dish to eat and why?
Bengali-style Hilsha is my favourite; it’s an exotic sea fish, which comes to the Ganga river for spawning. It’s only during these couple of months when it has the right salt content in its body, which gives a delicate, subtle flavour. Traditionally, it’s prepared with freshly grounded mustard seeds on stone. 

What are you cooking up today? Tell us more about the dish.
I’m cooking tenderloin with dark chocolate jus and mustard cream. Here, the traditional, robust cut is radically paired with the indulgence of dark chocolate. It’s also accompanied by potato mash, edamame beans and shiitake crisps.

As a chef, what are the top ingredients and products you’re using these days?
Acai, whole grains and locally grown cress.

What are some of the most recent important food trends you can tell us about?
The pandemic has changed both the supply chain and lifestyles. People have become more aware of what they eat, as well as the nutritional value and origin of ingredients. New trends include Hyperlocal, Immunity Boosters and Instagrammable food.        

What would you advise suppliers and foodservice professionals who are looking to offer their best to the market and meet demand?
The world’s population is ever-growing and food resources are limited. Hence, I urge food processing companies to innovate, and find methods to minimise food wastage, while supporting cost-effective distribution.   



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