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MonViso mineral water now available at Spinneys and Waitrose UAE

MonViso, a 100% natural Italian mineral water brand born in the UAE, is now available across Spinneys and Waitrose UAE stores.

“Take Water. Give Life”, an original sales donation programme designed by MonViso, donates AED 1 for every 1 litre sold by programme participants. Until end of December 2019, the initiative raised 614,437 litres donated to Al Jalila Foundation, a global philanthropic organisation founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, dedicated to transforming lives through medical research, education and treatment.

In line with Spinneys and Waitrose’s focus on sustainability and CSR activities, for every litre of MonViso water sold in their stores , AED 1 will go towards the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative. 

“We know customers are prone to do more good with every opportunity they have. Our partnership with MonViso is a strategic step towards inspiring our community of customers to donate to a local cause and create opportunities through medical advancement,” says Morne Fourie, Spinneys general manager of marketing and innovation.

“We’re so inspired by the commitment we’ve seen towards CSR activities of our partner brands. As a brand with a heart, we pride ourselves on encouraging others to do their part by taking small steps towards the fulfillment of a greater purpose through the ‘Take Water. Give Life’ initiative,” says MonViso CEO Stefano Iorini.

“Our partnership with Spinneys and Waitrose is a memorable milestone in our journey to reaching millions of customers across the UAE. Helping create a closed-loop on the donation process, we further cement the value and credibility of our initiative for all our partners.”

“We’re delighted that the MonViso ‘Take Water. Give Life’ initiative continues to expand its reach within the community through its retail partners and program ambassadors.  The initiative is the first of its kind in the UAE and we hope that more partners like Spinneys and Waitrose will follow in their footsteps to inspire philanthropy to support the advancement of medical innovation,” says Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO at Al Jalila Foundation.

Sourced from Europe’s highest spring (2,042 m), MonViso is minimally mineralised water with one of the lowest sodium levels (0.33 mg/L), and total dissolved solids in the world.

Born in the heart of Italy’s Monviso Mountain, it’s pure at origin and bottled at source and its unique composition gives it health benefits. The brand’s CSR and sustainability programmes make donations to the Al Jalila Foundation, which supports the global cause of transforming lives through medical education and research.


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