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Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona Introduces The City’s Most Authentic Creations

Creating experiences that remain true to the city’s identity, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona has introduced a new experience, “Made in Barcelona”. Inspired by the city’s love for luxury, authenticity and craftsmanship, the experience adds another route for avid travellers towards what truly characterises Barcelona as seen through the eyes of this historical hotel.

The “Made in Barcelona” is a new offering from the already established experiences offered by Majestic Hotel& Spa Barcelona, which are committed to creating an everlasting memory of a trip like no other for its guests. In this tour, travellers will have the opportunity to visit some of the most unique artisanal shops in the city, taking a closer look at their production journey from finding inspiration to delivering beautifully crafted masterpieces.

Starting the journey bypassing by Gaudí’s La Pedrera, the first stop is LUPO Atelier, which specialized in creating leather handbags manufactured entirely by hand with a traditional artisanal production process combined with modern machinery for ultimate product refinement. Lupo’s leather accessories can be customised as per the client’s specifications to make unique pieces of art reflecting his unique identity.

Timeless Barcelonian elegance will be met at Z Garcia Haute Couture, a luxury fashion brand inspired by the sophistication and modernity of contemporary women, reflecting art, design and Spanish culture in its elegant and feminine pieces, which are created with a sustainable manufacturing process that reflects the brand’s business ethics, merging authentic craftsmanship with a futuristic vision towards the fashion industry where haute couture is both a sought after luxury and a relevant concept.

Moving to the Gothic Quarter, guests will stop by ORNAMANTE, a shop that can be distinguished with its white walls and generous lighting, where a 1916 scientific research paper about human and animal DNA fusion that has been discovered in an antique shop has inspired Francisco Aguilera and Xavier Ferrerto start this artistic project, where their love for design, art and animals is expressed through the designed curiously crafted figurines that speak of imagination and science.

Located in one of the main rooms of the Mercader Palace, the next step in this experience takes guests to SOFTHEADS, a new interpretation of classical hunting trophies in a sustainable manner with a dash of humour and style, founded by Sergio Roger, this project was launched in 2011 with the aim of introducing art to a wider audience by venturing through specific interests, all designed by Sergio Roger, and made in Barcelona, in collaboration with a foundation that helps women at risk of social exclusion.

The experience comes to an end by the city at La Cova Fumada, the restaurant where the famous Bomba de la Barceloneta will be tasted, a typical dish of the city made of potato balls stuffed with meat, and served with aioli and a sauce to which the secret is passed down from generation to generation in this restaurant.

The “Made in Barcelona” experience represents the newest addition to an array of adventures introduced by Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, aiming to redefine the travel trajectory to its guests by making them experts in the local culture, tradition, life, and everything that makes Barcelona, and eventually their visit, a unique moment and an eternal memory.


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