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Forever Rose Café launches in Boxpark Dubai

Homegrown luxury florist, Forever Rose, has opened its first café in Dubai at Boxpark by Meraas.

Designed to feel as if in a storybook, it’s developed as 3D illustrations. Similar to the Abu Dhabi Forever Rose café in The Galleria Mall, the new branch will offer the current dessert and coffee menu found at its counterpart, but will also expand into an all-day dining experience, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.

With an indoor space of 200 sqm overlooking the garden outside, the newly launched venue can seat up to 100 guests, with outdoor seating planned in the near future.

“The initial reason we opened the first cafe in Abu Dhabi was to be a part of our customers’ everyday lives, even if it is just through an amazing cup of coffee or dessert. As the first 3D cafe located in Boxpark, Dubai, we will continue to provide the Forever Rose experience through a unique and expanded dining opportunity. We want to transport our customers from reality into the world of fantasy and to give them a new prospect of life,” says Ebraheem Al Samadi, Founder and CEO of Forever Rose.

“The room, our cups and plates are all illustrated in black and white, leaving only our customers, food and beverages in color. This recreates a romantic notion of being a part of a fairytale.”

The Forever Rose café menu was developed to create a floral experience through dining, such as the signature rose french toast, where rose extract has been incorporated into the batter. Furthermore, it will serve international cuisines with a Middle Eastern twist, alongside seasonal dishes offered  throughout the year at the corresponding times of the fresh produce. A variety of vegetarian and vegan options are also available, along with a selection of healthy items.


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