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The Dubai Mall’s Favorite Dining Spot to Sport A NewLook This Winter

Al Hallab, your favorite dining spot located inside the Dubai Mall, has received an extensive face-lift, with interior and exterior renovations, improving the restaurant’s appearance within the complex. These renovations, which include a new ceiling and façade, columns, signage, doors and windows, as well as a change of furniture and tableware, radically enhance this beloved venue for the coming winter season.

The restaurant now sports elaborate Corinthian columns that affords the shopping mall a far more lavish look while retaining the venue’s Arabian vibes. The stylish new window treatment, especially on the exterior walls, greatly improve lighting, generating a lighter and brighter mood that augments the comforting sense of space.

The numerous other subtle alterations grant Al Hallab a more refined and stylish yet welcoming atmosphere, underscoring the grandeur that has made this venue an icon in culinary circles. The sublime transformation is an ideal reflection of the high standards for which Al Hallab’s cuisine is renowned. Its masterful array of scrumptious offerings can now be enjoyed in extraordinary surroundings that only serve to elevate the dining experience at this highly respected establishment.

With the majority of the renovations already finished, Al Hallab is expected to unveil these new designs by the end of October. However, until then customers can continue to enjoy their favorite meals at Al Hallab, served at the same high standards to which they are accustomed.

The amazing facelift was designed and overseen by Architect Fadi Mneimneh, founder and Managing Director of TAO Designs, whose vision is to create unique, innovative, functional, and exclusive design concepts.


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