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NoLo, the first non-alcoholic bar in Dubai, opens at Dusit Thani Dubai

A precursor to yet another new trend in Dubai, Dusit Thani Dubai introduces NoLo, the first non-alcoholic bar in Dubai.

NoLo is a concoction of fun, flavours, and flair for all things good for you. Music, city views, conversation and the sound of glasses clinking are all part of NoLo’s atmosphere. As the social hour begins, with that comes the flow of drinks. NoLo offers the same experience with one big exception — the glasses are not filled with alcohol but with well-mixed and inventive craft 0% cocktail.


NoLo is a portmanteau word, a blend of two or more words, or parts of words that expresses some combination of the meaning of its parts. No in NoLo stands for no alcohol, while Lo stands for Low Worries. Lo also allows for different interpretations including but not limited to: Love for self, Loyal to wellness, Low risks, Lost and now found. The list goes on.


Located just down the street from the trendy 24th St., the street food-style foodie haven in Dubai; and on a tiny alley just off of the bustling Market Square, you will find the 0% cocktail lair, that is, NoLo.

NoLo features 240 sqm of nooks and crannies perfect for cozying up and tasting your way through both its classics and experimental cocktails, except they all contain 0% alcohol.

From its warm lighting, colorful velvet-swathed seats, wrought-iron chandeliers, architraves and greeneries, jazz music with a blend of soul, to the trendy groups and dating couples absorbed in lively chatter, it’s easy to lose track of the night, sipping away on artisanal concoctions.


The cocktails here serve a higher purpose. In partnership with Lyre’s, the world’s leading independent non-alcoholic spirits brand, NoLo showcases delicious alternatives to alcoholic drinks that are better for the young and adventurous, old and wise. This new drinking den boasts of fresh cocktails created for health-conscious individuals and mindful drinkers.

Must-try signature mixes include Lavender Bees Knees Royale (Lyre’s London Dry, Lemon Juice, Lavender Honey, Lyre’s Classico Grande), Immune Highball (Lyre’s Italian Spritz, Ginger turmeric Honey Syrup, Fresh Orange Juice, Lemon Juice), Smoked Honeycomb Old Fashion (Lyre’s American Malt, Smoked Honey Syrup, Non-Alco Aromatic Bitters), Sicilian Spritz (Lyre’s Italian Spritz, Lemon Juice, Orange Vanilla Reduction, Lyre’s Classico), Spice Date Espresso Martini (Lyre’s Dark Cane, Cold Espresso, Spice date Syrup), Thai Basil Smash (Lyre’s London Dry, Thai basil and lemongrass Shrub, Lyre’s Classico), Deli Sour (American malt, Pistachio Syrup, Curry Leaves, Lemon Juice), and more.

A precursor to yet another new trend in Dubai, NoLo is equal parts healthy and hearty, daring and decent, weird and wonderful and is no doubt bringing the cool vibe to the chic neighbourhood of 24th St., redefining the cocktail culture in the streets of Dubai. Here, we bid goodbye to hangover and blurry memories. And saying hello to a better-for-you lifestyle and fewer social consequences.

NoLo is located on the 24th floor of Dusit Thani Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Open Daily, 5pm to 1am

For reservations: 04 317 4515; WhatsApp 054 990 8007;

Socials: @NoLoDubai on Instagram and Facebook


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