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Qatar Largest Foreign Direct Investor /FDI/ in Kuwait



Qatar ranks first among nations with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Kuwait, with total investments in 2012 topping KD 1.9 billion, concluded a survey by the Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau.

Total FDI in Kuwait till end of 2012 came to almost three billion Kuwaiti dinars said the survey, the Bureau director Maryam Al-Aqeel said during a press conference here today.

FDI in 2012 in Kuwait was divided among a number of sectors, the biggest of which was the telecom sector with KD 1.8 billion, followed by the investment sector with over KD 597 million, and such sectors as the banking, insurance, and money funds, Kuwait university professor Nayef Al-Shemmeri told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Source : Qatar News Agency


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