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Oral Hygiene Initiative launches today for workers

The government’s latest largesse to treat dental problems of workers and create awareness among them is commendable, according to a UAE daily.

“Workers can smile because Dubai is ensuring they get the best dental care. In a first on Tuesday, the Hamdan bin Mohammed Oral Hygiene Initiative launched a free dental programme for labourers in the emirate,” said Khaleej Times in an editorial on Thursday.


The plan is to cover 600,000 labourers and treat them for dental problems ranging from tooth decay, ulcer and mouth cancer. Officials said 2,000 workers will be screened this year alone. They said 61 resident staff members will be involved in this programme.

“The programme is intended to not only provide medical assistance to people with such dental problems, but to also educate them in this regard,” added the paper.

It is a common practice among people days to chew betelnut and tobacco, which leads to various mouth diseases. Dentists in Dubai are teaching workers about the dangers of poor oral hygiene. The scheme is laudable because dental check-ups are not covered under health insurance schemes.

“Labour reforms in the country have ensured workers do not lag behind other residents in all aspects of life. There have been host of initiatives from the authorities in all emirates to take care of workers during the sweltering summer, and also during festivals. Mandatory breaks in the afternoons during summer is a case in point,” concluded the daily.


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