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HE Al Sada :The Development of Human Capital Has Never Been As Important

Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry

Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, chaired on Monday the 14th Annual Qatarization Review Meeting of the Energy and Industry Sector.
The meeting highlighted the sector’s Qatarization strategies and progress in support of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2011-2016, said a press release issued today.
The meeting was attended by HE Dr. Issa Saad Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Administrative Development, Professor Sheikha Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University, senior executives from 41 participating companies, and representatives from Qatar’s education community.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting, HE Dr. Al-Sada said Qatarization was going in the right direction.
His Excellency stressed that Qatarization has never been simply about numbers but rather about capabilities, qualification, performance, competence, and productivity. He said: “Our objective is Quality Qatarization, a process which extends from education, to HR policies, training, and career development.” HE Dr. Al-Sada asserted that “one cannot overlook the emphasis on the human element in all aspects of our country’s development. In fact, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of the Sate of Qatar, made it a point to re-emphasize the importance of that human element. In his first speech to the nation, His Highness stressed that development is ‘first and foremost the development of humans, who are our most valuable asset.’” “The development of human capital has never been as important as it is in today’s competitive world. And if we are to build a knowledge-based economy, we must never lose sight of the human capital value chain, namely recruitment, assessment, training, career development, and retention,” HE Dr. Al-Sada said.
His Excellency the Minister also called for the development of a capable Qatari workforce through proper education and relevant training. “I would like to reaffirm the need for a responsive educational system that matches its deliverables with the vocational and technical needs of the energy market,” he stressed.
HE Dr. Al-Sada also called for investing in the education and training of young Qataris, and to keep this objective at the core of corporate social responsibility strategies. He also urged all companies to effectively integrate education in the sector’s initiatives.
In support of the human development pillar of the Qatar National Vision, the theme of the meeting, “Engaging Qataris”, was enhanced by the presentation of Mr.Emmanuel Gobillot, who is one of Europe’s most sought-after leadership speakers.
He discussed the strategies and ideas on how to engage employees that could improve company Qatarization plans through sound, practical leadership techniques, which are essential in today’s social media environment and the transformations that are occurring. His interventions focused on creating the capability in companies to deliver results through world-class leadership. This part of the meeting was moderated by Mr. Abdulla Laram, Corporate Training Manager at Qatar Petroleum.
During the event, awards were also presented by HE Dr. Al-Sada and H.E. Al-Nuaimi to recognize companies that exhibited Qatarization excellence during 2013. The recipients of the coveted Qatarization Crystal Awards were Oryx GTL Limited for Support and Liaison with the Education Sector; Qatargas Operating Company Limited for Supporting Qatarization; Dolphin Energy Limited for Support for Training and Development; Qatar Chemical Company Ltd. for Supporting Student Sponsorships; and RasGas Company Limited for Best Qatarization Progress. Annual Qatarization Certificates were also presented to Qatar Aluminium Limited for Support and Liaison with the Education Sector; Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd (Nakilat) for Supporting Qatarization; Bunduq Company Limited for Support for Training and Development; and Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd. for Supporting Student Sponsorships.
HE Dr. Al-Sada and HE Al-Nuaimi also honoured Qatar University with the annual “Partnership Award of Appreciation,” which was accepted by Professor Sheikha Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University, in recognition of their active partnership with the sector by exchanging knowledge and expertise and providing a rich resource of Qatari candidates in support of company Qatarization plans.
HE the Minister also bestowed special recognition to Dr. Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naimi, President of the Community College of Qatar, Dr. Hassan R. Al-Derham, Vice President for Research of Qatar University, and Hassan Mohammed Al-Hammadi, Executive Director for Human Resources of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, for their contribution to the Qatarization awards process as members of the Advisory Board responsible for winner selection.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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