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Energising Education goes global with RasGas-CPC joint CSR initiative

QNA_Rasgas_Thai_25102015-(2)RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) and CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) have launched a joint corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign that will benefit nine local schools in Taichung, Taiwan, bringing tangible benefits to hundreds of students.
The ‘Energising Education’ initiative, launched by the two companies, will benefit the local community by improving and enhancing students’ educational experience. The initiative will provide improvements and upgrades to educational resources and facilitate better learning opportunities for students.
The CSR initiative is an extension of RasGas’ long history of cooperation with CPC to meet Taiwan’s energy requirements, and working together to benefit the local community. This campaign represents an important aspect of the international CSR programme launched by RasGas in 2013.
“Caring for and valuing our stakeholders is integral to RasGas’ business philosophy. Apart from providing LNG, a cleaner fuel, over the years, we also aim to create a meaningful connection with the communities where we live, work and further where we deliver LNG to,” said Hamad Mubarak Al-Muhannadi, CEO of RasGas.
“Today, joining hands with CPC on the ‘Energising Education’ initiative, we are pleased to extend this further contribution to the Taiwanese community at large. Supporting education is one of the most significant contributions a business can make towards sustainable development.” “More precisely, the beneficiaries of this joint-CSR project will be the children in six elementary schools and one junior high school in the rural districts adjacent to Taichung city, as well as those at two junior high schools in the vicinity of this plant,” said Sheng-Chung Lin, Chairman of CPC Corporation, Taiwan.
“This joint CSR campaign aims to inspire those children and help them bring out their individual and collective talent. We examine the particular needs of each beneficiary school in terms of sports equipment, musical instruments, books or computer equipment.” The Energising Education initiative aims to make a difference in the experience of learning, targeting students and their educators, vested with the crucial role of guiding them on the path to becoming responsible adults through the best possible gift: Education.

Source: Qatar news agency


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