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Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies Paves The Way For Sustainability & Energy Management

Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies (AFET), a company of Al-Futtaim Group, is paving the way for progress in sustainability and energy management practices in the UAE. Following the footsteps of Al-Futtaim Group in perpetuating various energy-saving initiatives, the company has launched an Energy Management and Sustainability division as a dedicated business unite earlier this year. This move comes as a vital upgrade within the firm   AFET to lead the industry that is making rapid shifts to eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

The new Energy Management and Sustainability division is focused on supplying the client-base with new and holistic energy reduction solutions by using Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies’ proprietary technology, crafted through the years, as well as utilising the Certified Energy Team to its fullest potential. Aiming to add value to customers as well as impact the environment positively, the new division aim to grow under the Al-Futtaim wing and thereby expand the client-base, team and skill set accordingly.

Having secured a platinum rating in delivering a high number of certified green and eco-friendly buildings, Dubai is a key market forAFET. Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies offers customers complete engineering, energy management and systems integration solutions. The company, and the new division, aim to support Dubai’s Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.With 60% of new construction projects having predicted to be green and sustainably constructed by the end of 2021, AFET’s efforts to expand its energy management and sustainability wing is in accordance with this rising trend and forms a key pillar in the company’s portfolio of products. The division is set to work with all key brands and assets across the Al Futtaim Group of companies to support in optimization, retrofit and renewable technologies, bringing a sustainable return on investment to all the projects.

The division also inspires from AFET’s technological innovations in cooling technology and aims to grow the unit by extending initiatives to its District Cooling Plants and deliver savings to the clients, while also optimising the built environment’s cooling parameters and functions.

According to Murali S, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Engineering& Technologies, “The Energy Management and Sustainability division will perpetuate Al-Futtaim Group’s ideal of delivering with efficiency. I believe expansion is key in any business, but an efficient and sustainable growth only occurs under a strong brand such as Al Futtaim Engineering and Technologies, with its years of experience, technological innovations, and expert human resources. This new business unit can undoubtedly and successfully transform sustainable practices in the industry and strengthen AFET’s position as a pioneer in the UAE landscape”.

For more information on Energy Management and Sustainability Services offered by Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies, please contact 800 2338 (800 AFET) or visit


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