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The Heart of Europe will deliver nearly 2,000 units this month

The Heart of Europe, the $5 billion (Dhs18.3 billion) iconic and most sustainable luxury tourism destination – the only such jewel in the crown in the Gulf – will start handing over private villas and beach palaces to investors in December 2020, as part of its phased delivery of residential and hospitality units within the most exclusive island destination in the region that, once completed by 2022, will become the most sought after destination in the Middle East.

The exciting news comes as construction of St. Tropez, one of the 5th hotel to roof top level. This is the 5th hotel of Phase 1 that is nearing completion and will recreate the environment and charms of the famous French Riviera town of St Tropez, with a private long beach, restaurants, promenade and luxury yachts and boats moored to serve visitors for a boat ride into the Arabian Gulf and enjoy sipping drink while watching sunset.

The ultra-luxury island, designed to be like a paradise on earth, will host around 4,000 units spread across 15 hotels and resorts in a cluster of inter-connected six islands and a floating Lido Island about 4 kilometres off the Jumeirah coast of Dubai. The Phase I of the project will see the delivery of nearly 2,000 units including, mostly hospitality units spread in five hotels, in phases and will commercially open once the situation normalises after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Construction of the project’s innovative landmarks, including the Floating Seahorse Villas, Sweden Beach Palaces, Germany Island Villas, Honeymoon Island, Portofino Hotel and Côte d’Azur Resort are progressing in full speed with all the Phase I projects having topped out while engineers are currently putting finishing touches on the exterior facades and interior décor – making them ready to receive tourists from all over the world – when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up.

“At the beginning of the year, we made a commitment to deliver part of the Phase 1 of the Heart of Europe to the owners by the end of 2020,” Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group, said. “At that time, we were not fully aware of the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and its magnitude.

“However, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were determined to go ahead with our planned development and as the lockdown was announced in March, we shifted our entire team to the Heart of Europe islands and continued to construct. During the lockdown, we were isolated from the mainland and confined to the island and focused on construction.

“Now, I am pleased to announce that, we are ready to hand-over residential units to home-owners so that they can fit out the interiors. This reflects our strong commitment to the investors and as they start taking over, I am also excited to announce that we have started construction of the Phase II of the project – and plan to complete the development of the island by 2022.”

Since about 90 percent of the developments of the island are hospitality units, hotels and resorts will be opened when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up, he says.

“We are also getting ready to commercially open more than 1,500 hospitality units in five hotels and resorts – when the tourists start to travel – after the situation normalises. The recent announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine is encouraging and if most people are vaccinated in the first half of 2021, we will open the world-class leisure destination to local, regional and international tourists ahead of the Expo 2020 that starts in October 2021,” Josef Kleindienst says.

St. Tropez – an exclusive boutique hotel offering 200 keys – is gradually taking shape at the Heart of Europe, the most sustainable luxury leisure tourism destination in the world. Part of the four-hotel Côte d’Azur Resort, it will add to the growing attractions of the Heart of Europe, once complete in a few months.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, St. Tropez offers magnificent sea views – of a large body of crystal clear blue waters at an inter-connected destination of six islands that makes up the Heart of Europe, which will be one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

St. Tropez promises to deliver luxury suites where every window overlooks mesmerising seascapes that shine under the sun. Guests will be able to surround themselves in the spellbinding beauty of the azure blue sky and golden sands of the longest private beach in the UAE.

St. Tropez design draws inspiration from the splendour of the French Riviera. The resort, which is located next to the Rainy Street, is taking cues from a rainbow in its architectural style. It is boasting vibrant, enlightening, multicoloured facades straight out of a Summer landscape with colours that transform from purple into blue, green, and pink – like Summer rainbows at the end of the storm, a natural wonder of nature often found in the South of France.


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