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Emarat and Aquacool sign an exclusive LPG supplier deal

Emarat, the pioneering petroleum company, has signed a significant new partnership agreement with a leading billing and metering company, Aquacool Metering LLC, a subsidiary of Emirates District Cooling (EMICOOL) LLC which is fully owned by Dubai Investments, to become (an exclusive cylinder distributor for Aquacool Residential and commercial portfolio) the exclusive gas supplier to Aquacool’s entire residential, commercial and Industrial portfolio.

The new partnership will allow Aquacool’s customers in Dubai to be supplied by Emarat directly via a fully integrated and automated online portal and application, a quick and convenient process available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In adherence with strict public health and safety measures, customers will be also able to use contactless card machine payments on delivery of their gas cylinders.

Committed to upholding industry standards, the agreement will see Emarat provide its partners with a safe and reliable gas delivery solution. With no risk of tampering to the LPG cylinders or their seals, the partnership ensures Aquacool customers receive crucial reassurance, as well as excellent customer service.

The deal with Aquacool is the first stage in Emarat’s ambitious LPG growth strategy as the corporation aims to increase its customer portfolio and provide innovative services and solutions across various industries within the UAE. Through strategic partnerships, innovation and modernisation, Emarat aims to set a benchmark for quality and service within the LPG market.

The deal is also considered an additional value to Aquacool by adding another utility, LPG, to the integrated smart solutions, provided by Aquacool to their customers. Partnership with Emarat is a commitment to providing the highest level of products and services to Aquacool stakeholders and communities.

Mr. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General of Emarat, said: “Emarat is proud to lead this initiative which will allow us to distribute LPG cylinders directly to the end users in the Emirate of Dubai, through our exclusive partnership with Aquacool. We foresee great opportunities to re-invent the service standards and quality assurances in the local LPG Market by linking our operations, deliveries, sales and customer care efforts while utilising the best means of technology, artificial intelligence and automation.”

He added: “This is a positive step, aligning our services with the UAE Leadership’s vision to automate services, make people’s lives easier, and achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We are aware that there is intense competition out there, but our strengths and in-house capabilities equip us to face all kinds of market challenges.”

Mr. Mohamed Al Saif Al Kebti, Chairman of Aquacool Metering LLC, commented: “Through smart solutions integrated between Aquacool and Emarat, this partnership has come in at the right time. In the current scenario, with public health and safety measures at top priority, these kind of services reassure customers with uncompromised customer services. With the possibilities of extending this partnership to be in various business models adapting latest solutions and enhancing the competences of LPG cylinder deliveries, directly from the source, the elimination of third parties is another added advantage offered to the end customers.”


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