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Schickling rental receives delivery of a Genie 4-M (13- FT) platform

This April, Schickling Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, based in Visbek, became one of the first rental companies in Germany to receive the new Genie® 4-m (13- ft) platform. Having acquired this aftermarket accessory for use with its 21.81-m (71 ft) Genie® S ®-65 XC™ boom lift, in just a few weeks Schickling has already seen the benefits that this new option provides in terms of saving operators time on jobs, as well as enabling work to continue while maintaining social distance.

“We chose to purchase the Genie 4-m (13-ft) platform because we could see that, used with our Genie S-65 XC booms lift, it would offer the perfect combination of 21.81 m (7` ft) maximum work height and up to 270-kg (600 lb) lift capacity, providing a solution for a wide range of access tasks,” explains company owner and general manager Elmar Schickling. “So far, after using this solution to give the signage of our depot a good clean, it has already been rented out on several occasions to install outdoor sunshades and awnings. Thanks to its extra length, our new platform enabled operators to complete the entire installation across the full length of the job, including the fitting of the mechanisms on both sides of the awnings. We see this as a great fit with many similar applications during the summer season.”

“Additionally, the platform’s increased dimensions (4-m/13-ft long x 0.91-m/3-ft wide) means that, even with cumbersome materials, there is less need to reposition the machine and more space for people to work in, which saves time,” Schickling continues. He adds: “Roofing, guttering and the installation of plumbing and electrics at height are among the additional applications that our customers will be able to take advantage thanks to the benefits of our new Genie S-65 XC boom and 4-m (13-ft) platform combo.”

And right now, while social distancing is paramount and the International Powered Access Federation’s (IPAF) recommends that only one person should work in a standard MEWP platform — the extra-large workspace of the new Genie 4-m platform offers additional utility. Schickling concludes: “Our new Genie 4-m platform has proved to be an even more timely acquisition than initially expected. Thanks to its increased dimensions, it provides an ideal
solution that enables two people to work together, when applications require, while maintaining the recommended safe 1.5 – 2 m (6 ft) distance. We couldn’t have asked for more.”


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