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BPH breaks into Saudi Arabia market with PRODEM Dedicated Shears

BPH Attachments has broken into the Middle Eastern market with its PRODEM Dedicated Shears hydraulic attachment range.

Purchased to demolish fire-damaged 35-metre high fuel tanks for a project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the PRODEM PDS200R, PDS300R and PDS400R shears were selected to connect with the crew’s high reach excavators.

Given the strenuous work the shears will be undertaking, the bolt-on piercing tip and blades – which can be turned up to four times before replacement – will ensure that service downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, a reduction in cycle times thanks to an innovative speed valve regenerates power and protects the shear eliminating internal oil pressure peaks, while the upper jaw guides make for easy and perfect alignment every time – increasing cutting power, efficiency and production for this major project.

This is set to be the first of many projects for PRODEM in the Middle East. As the world’s largest oil exporters, the transcontinental region plays host to many disused tanks which have now been deemed more profitable to demolish rather than stand empty.

Matt Bastable, Sales Director at BPH Attachments which distributes PRODEM Attachments, said:

“This is our first step into the Middle Eastern market and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with contractors throughout the region in the future. We have seen significant continued growth for the PRODEM brand over the past few years and, with new business opportunities presenting themselves worldwide, we are thrilled that our reputation for innovation, reliability, performance and customer-service is spreading.”

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