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Invest in Dubai Real Estate, to host the Middle East’s most influential Think Tank Program

Invest in Dubai Real Estate, a major initiative of the Dubai Land Department, in partnership with the International Property Show, is gearing up to host a Think Tank Program on 26-27 May 2021 which is primed to be the most influential event in the Middle East this year, as it will cater to a more diverse audience involving various sectors and industries.

Through this one-of-a-kind event, Invest in Dubai Real Estate is ready to make its mark in the events industry once again and create bigger opportunities for its attendees. The 2nd edition will bring together participants from different fields to develop innovative solutions to particular challenges in their respective sectors in order to help uplift the real estate industry.

The Think Tank Program will welcome corporate leaders, real estate developers, investors, technology providers, financial and economic experts, educators, industry specialists, professionals and innovators from different segments. Furthermore, all public and private companies, as well as local and international organizations who are keen on exploring new ideas, sharing their knowledge and creativity, and seeking a more in-depth outlook on their respective fields are also welcome to join.

This special event will allow participants to collaborate and device new outcomes to address the challenges faced in key sectors of finance, facility management, real estate FDI, marketing, government services, knowledge, lifestyle, smart cities, sustainable cities and PropTech, which will play a significant role to make informed decisions and formulate effective policies in the future, to further improve the condition of the real estate industry.

“The real estate sector is evolving at a rapid speed and it is important that we work together to innovate ideas and nurture connections, even outside the real estate industry. The Think Tank Program, the newest offering in this year’s edition will certainly help in the promotion of global opportunities by allowing innovators and forward thinkers to explore and brainstorm solutions together under one platform. This will help address the issues faced in key sectors to ultimately boost the real estate industry, educating our global audience and offering fresh perspectives from diverse audience at the event, Dubai has been very successful in incorporating innovative ideas across all relevant sectors to create solutions that positively influence the success of the real estate industry. The Think Tank Program will significantly boost the opportunities within the Dubai real estate market through the brilliant insights that will be shared by the various sectors that will participate in the event. This year, will, without a doubt, further revolutionize the future of Dubai and bring new possibilities for the Emirate as a global investment hub,” said Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi, the Head of Organising Committee of Invest In Dubai Real Estate and International Property Show.

The members of the Think Tank Program will be comprised of experts in their field and will be divided into groups, with each group representing a particular sector. Every group will do a brainstorming session to identify a specific problem in their sector that needs to be addressed and require further attention and exploration. Members will collaborate to share their knowledge, expertise, and research works, to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and innovate new solutions to solve the specific challenges.

For the Financing Sector, think tankers can discuss new financing solutions as well as real estate security instruments that can be made available to lenders and borrowers of real estate looking to access working capital for buying and renovating property and for other real estate investments.

As real estate has remained a popular vehicle driving economic growth and financial wealth among investors, the Knowledge Sector may discuss innovative solutions to improve the global competitiveness of professionals in the real estate industry to cultivate their knowledge and gain additional skills.

Think tankers in the Facility Management group can discuss new solutions to streamline the entire facility management process, from management of personnel, finances, and physical property management to ensure more functionality, safety and efficiency of real estate properties.

Foreign Direct Investment is crucial in the development of emerging and developing markets. FDI Think Tankers can brainstorm new solutions to further maximize returns and diversify internationally through real estate investments as well as streamline the Real Estate FDI potential for investors through innovative ideas.

Real estate is one of the major contributors in the economy and governments must support the real estate market especially during challenging times. The Government Sector may brainstorm the challenges and solutions when it comes to providing support to existing players, promoting real estate and stimulating demand, improving the investment potential and preventing a downward spiral.

Lifestyle is one of the most influential factors when buying and selling real estate properties. Nowadays, consumers are constantly seeking properties that have impressive environments and structure, not only to maintain their social status, but also to ensure their safety and security, as well as get the psychological and physical comfort they need. The Lifestyle Sector can discuss the challenges and solutions in terms of becoming a positive driving force in enhancing the stability of the real estate industry. The Marketing Sector, on the other hand, can brainstorm new solutions as to how to sell real estate properties faster and improve ROI through new marketing techniques.

The development of smart cities is associated with greater efficiency through technology, thus increasing the value of properties and contributing towards urban development. The Smart & Sustainable Cities group can collaborate to come up with intelligent ideas on how to use technology to offer more flexibility, enhance innovation and develop smarter ecosystems for the real estate community.

With the use of AI and data analytics, investors are guided towards better decision making as property technology has helped in gathering and disseminating data in real time. The PropTech group can think of new solutions to improve the positive impact of PropTech in the real estate sector by changing the way properties are bought and sold, streamlining the transaction process and developing solutions for better property management.

Key learning outcomes of the Think Tank groups will be presented after the brainstorming session. All participants will be given recognition after the activity for contributing their knowledge and expertise to address key issues. 

In addition, with the launching of the Think Tank Program involving major sectors, this year’s edition will be highly beneficial to exhibitors to access a large pool of visitors, effectively showcase their world-class projects, and generate lucrative business opportunities.  The special onsite event will be an important hub for networking with key stakeholders, major investors and leading organisations, offering generous opportunities to build strong partnerships and collaborations.

Invest in Dubai Real Estate is an opportune event that remains committed to generate vast business opportunities for the Dubai real estate market and to strengthen the emirate’s leading position as an investor-friendly city. According to ValuStrat Dubai 2021 Outlook, new initiatives of the government including the provision of visas for expatriate retirees as well as the expansion of the 10-year golden visa scheme to draw foreigners to reside in the UAE are anticipated to support the real estate market this year.

Also, due to the development of vaccines gradually resolving the current health crisis, the economy of Dubai is expected to further stabilize, in addition to the upcoming Dubai Expo and the UAE’s 50th anniversary.

“Real estate is a highly competitive market that requires additional support from different sectors to improve the various factors that affect its current condition and be able to maximise its full potential. The ThinkTank Program will help fully realise this goal and will bring together a multitude of potentials for the real estate industry as well as for all participating sectors, Without a doubt, the Think Tank Program will help us find ground-breaking solutions and gain knowledge that will help in the acceleration of economic growth and prosperity,” stated Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi.

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