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Immediate Success: In conversation with Mohammad Razzaqi, MD at HRAD General Trading LLC

  1. Tell us what are your expectations for 2020?

To give a straight answer, COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world economy which has had a great impact on the overall business situation affecting growth in many segments including ours. Government stimulus packages are required to lift demand in the essential & high potential segments to sustain us all in the long run. We have great confidence in the wise UAE Leadership and are happy to be part of the business community in this progressive country, with big hopes to bounce back soon.

Having said that, we are currently focused on lowering our OPEX and remain resilient to face the challenges that are expected in the second half of this year. We are determined to see out this difficult phase and contribute towards rebuilding the growth process.

  1. Tell us what your overall goals and objectives are with HRAD General Trading

Our experience of over 37 years in the field of Heavy Truck & Equipment business with some of the top brands in the world combined with the strong relationship developed with customers over these years has given us a clear insight and direction to our business approach. As an ongoing program, we have been educating our customers with the benefits and cost effectiveness of using premium quality OE spare parts and components, and to a larger extent the success is noticeably good, as eventually our customer satisfaction is of prime importance, which results in a healthy and well bonded association.

Having made this grounded approach, we intend to include more value added products and services by closely working with our customers as an ongoing exercise. We hope this will create a firm base for positive results and mutual benefit for us and our customers giving use a preferred partner status.

  1. Tell us how your services benefit your customer?

First off, we pride ourselves on our immediate response resulting in a greatly reduced down time for the customer asset that needs restoration.

As a one stop shop, we also offer competitive technical services through our associate partners for critical problems and give instant onsite solutions, which is an obvious added advantage for our customers.

We are always available to discuss, analyze and offer expert solutions to problems through cost effective means. Remember, the lowest cost factor for a product does not necessarily translate to the highest value attainment for a customer.

By offering premium quality products with a replacement guarantee and longer service life, we are directly contributing towards a better return on investment for the customer.

  1. Tell us about the latest technology you use to provide key automotive solutions?

It is a humble start and currently our approach is based on past experience and fundamental core knowledge of the product with access to latest technology and solutions from our associate partners/suppliers in Germany/Europe and locally. We are able to leverage these quality products to ensure client requirement is surpassed.

  1. Tell us why your automotive components and spare parts are of high quality

The products we associate with are world class brands and OE manufactures from Germany/Europe and around the world with high build quality qualifying and surpassing the prevailing industry standards. These brands often have decades of history providing value for money, and are certified by reputed quality control organizations.

  1. Give us your view on the overall market here in UAE and how is it benefiting HRAD General Trading

In comparison to pre covid-19 times there is a small percentage of slowdown which is realistic given the current circumstances worldwide, but the UAE market to a larger extent has always withstood the test of times, and we attribute this to the wise UAE leadership and governance in monitoring and supporting the overall development of the country. We have confidence the infrastructure and framework established will be able to quickly return us to a positive growth trajectory. We look forward with optimism as long as our customers share our positive outlook we will be able to contribute to the development.

Further our uninterrupted support services, even during the pandemic have brought us close to our customers creating a bonding recognition, which results in assured business.

  1. What are the plans for the future for HRAD General Trading?

It is a humble start and there is a lot to be done as we go forward.  We intend to create a single platform for the industry/fleet owners to have access for all their requirements for Parts/Components together with service solutions as a one stop shop.

We hope to bring our transparency and honest approach to dealing with our customers to an even larger audience across the region as well.


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