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ASCO invests in its third CDE M-Series modular sand washing plant

Associated Construction Company (ASCO), one of the leading construction companies based in Kuwait, expanded its CDE installation in 2016 with the addition of a second modular washing plant, CDE’s M3500, to complement its original investment in the M2500 three years prior in 2013.

Due to rising demand for high quality washed sands for construction, ASCO has now invested in its third CDE solution, adding the M4500 plant to its operation to run alongside its sister plants.

ASCO Commercial Representative Khaled Nasr says the superior performance of its technology coupled with its commitment to service delivery and project management made CDE the supplier of choice.

“Our past investments in the M2500 and M3500 units demonstrated the engineering excellence and durability of CDE wet processing technology.

“Such is the efficiency of the M-Series that demand for our range of quality sand products continues to trend upwards. To respond to market needs we had to expand our production capacity and decided the most appropriate course of action was to introduce a third M-Series plant to our operation. We consider investment in CDE technology to be best practice.”

One of CDE’s pioneering customers, ASCO was the first company to adopt CDE’s M-Series technology in the Gulf region.

New Kuwait

The construction industry is widely considered to be at the forefront of economic growth and the transformation of modern Kuwait.

The Kuwait Vision 2035 – or “New Kuwait” – aims to deliver key infrastructure and other major construction projects, all of which will require significant volumes of high-quality washed sand and aggregates and other construction materials produced locally in the Kuwait and Gulf region.

Current developments include The Amiri Diwan’s 26-storey Palace of Justice in the heart of Kuwait City, which will be the largest judicial building in the Middle East upon completion covering over 350,000sqm; the new 75,000sqm Boubyan Bank HQ which commenced construction in December 2020; projects by Kuwait’s Public Authority for Roads and Transport (PART), such as the 160km Kuwait Metropolitan Rapid Transit System (KMRT), a greenfield project to be developed in five phases to increase public transport mobility to the Metropolitan Area of Kuwait; and the 708,000sqm Terminal 2 at Kuwait International Airport which will have the capacity to accommodate 25 million passengers every year.

Commenting on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the construction market, Mr Nasr explains: “In the short term, we forecast lower demand for construction materials given the impact of Covid-19 on the industry. However, looking ahead to 2022 and beyond we do expect to see the industry bounce back and that demand to recover as construction projects pick up pace again.”


Since investing in its third M-Series, the M4500 modular sand washing plant, ASCO has expanded its processing capacity to 450tph.

Today, its three highly efficient CDE plants work in synergy to produce in-spec washed sand from large volumes of feed material sourced from nearby quarries in the region.

The plant has added an additional 200tph of superior quality washed sand to ASCO’s production output with 85% percent being used for ready-mix concrete and the remaining earmarked for cement plaster.

Commenting on the quality of the materials produced, Mr Nasr says: “We’re very familiar with CDE technology, so we were confident in the quality of the washed sand product and that it would meet Ministry of Public Works specifications. The addition of a third M-Series ensures that our sand products are of the highest quality available in Kuwait to meet, and often exceed, the expectations of our customers.”

Ruchin Garg, CDE Regional Manager, MEA, says the investment represents a major step forward for ASCO’s customers in Kuwait.

“We’re very pleased to continue our partnership with ASCO, an ambassador for CDE technology in the Middle East. Its early adoption of the M2500 and subsequent investments in the M3500 and M4500 plants has supported the company to becoming one of the leading suppliers of construction materials in Kuwait.

“The recent commissioning of a third CDE M-Series is testament to the quality of our service and product offering. For ready-mix concrete companies and project managers involved in major infrastructure and construction projects it offers confidence that they are receiving washed sand products of the highest possible specification.”

Remarking on the M4500, he adds: “The CDE M4500 revolutionised the way materials washing operators conduct their business. It was the first machine in the industry to combine feeding, screening, washing and stockpiling onto one compact chassis, and it manages to achieve all this with an impressive capacity.”


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