April 15, 2024

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Logistics Heavyweights 2023 : FarEye


Gautam Kumar, Co-Founder and COO at FarEye, describes the platform’s key features and how it enhances customer satisfaction and more.

Key Features 

FarEye’s Delivery Management platform turns deliveries into a competitive advantage. Retail, e-commerce, and third-party logistics companies use FarEye’s unique combination of orchestration, real-time visibility, and branded customer experiences to simplify complex last-mile delivery logistics. The FarEye platform allows businesses to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. FarEye has 150+ customers across 30 countries and five offices globally. 

FarEye’s pioneering efforts with renowned global brands have recognised it as a representative vendor in Gartner’s first-ever Market Guide for Last-Mile Delivery Technology. Additionally, FarEye has maintained its position in Gartner’s Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Market Guide for four consecutive years.

FarEye’s last-mile expertise receives validation not only from industry experts but also from satisfied customers. In the recent G2 Spring reports for 3PL and Last-mile Delivery, FarEye emerged as a leader, garnering impressive scores in essential categories such as ‘Quality of Support’ and ‘Ease of Use’. G2’s ratings are based on customer reviews, reflecting their product satisfaction.

FarEye has raised $150 Mn in funding, with the Series E funding round led by top investors like TCV and Dragoneer Investment Group. This is a further testament to investors’ trust in FarEye’s abilities to solve challenging problems in the last-mile delivery segment.

FarEye’s products Ship, Track, Route, Execute, Experience, Analyse and Grow help companies solve last-mile logistics complexity and manage consumer expectations. It empowers companies to ship from anywhere to everywhere and ensures deliveries reach every customer on time, every time.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

FarEye works with clients across the CEP, Retail and large & heavy furniture delivery companies. Each company is laser-focused on improving its last-mile process because it directly impacts customer loyalty and revenue. 

In the middle east, the e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive as it will grow by 16.4% in the coming years. UAE’s retail mobile-commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.9% until 2025. To manage this surge in consumer demand, retailers have no option but to pivot to an intelligent last-mile delivery platform that can help them reduce last-mile delivery costs and make the most of the e-commerce opportunities. 

Efficient last-mile delivery leads to faster and more reliable service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the business to others, driving revenue growth.

Last mile is the most costly leg of delivery, with challenges such as effective route planning, managing multiple delivery partners and carriers, ensuring real-time visibility of deliveries, meeting customer expectations for fast and convenient delivery, and handling exceptions or delays effectively. 

FarEye addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive delivery management platform that optimises routes, enables collaboration with multiple delivery partners, provides real-time tracking and visibility of deliveries, offers automated exception handling, and empowers businesses to provide superior delivery experiences to their customers. FarEye’s solution streamlines the last-mile delivery process, improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

By optimising delivery routes, scheduling, and resource allocation, FarEye helps businesses reduce delivery time, improve on-time delivery rates, and lower costs associated with last-mile logistics.

Real-time visibility provided by FarEye’s delivery management software allows businesses to proactively identify and address potential issues or delays in the delivery process. This ensures transparency and helps in managing customer expectations effectively.

With features like branded tracking, personalised notifications, and seamless post-purchase experiences, FarEye enables businesses to provide a frictionless and engaging delivery experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Various Companies and Fareye’s Solutions 

FarEye’s delivery management platform enables courier and logistics, 3PL, food and grocery, restaurants, retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to make better deliveries and enhance customer experience. 

FarEye has partnered with big names like Sharaf Dg, Hilti Qatar, and Danube Home in the Middle East. We work with some of the biggest names in a cross-section of industries worldwide. For instance, Gordon Food Service (GFS), a food distribution company in North America, wanted to offer same-day orders and delivery to their customers. Planning same-day van delivery routes manually took time, leading to efficient routing and missed delivery windows that ultimately impacted their sales revenue. 

With the help of FarEye, GFS could route drivers efficiently through a driver app using optimised routes to hit target delivery windows. GFS grew their sales by 8.6% in 2021 by adding digital last-mile capability.

A multinational pizza delivery company that had been in the pizza business for more than five decades wanted to reduce its delivery turnaround time from its existing window of 30 minutes. Due to inefficiencies in core delivery operations, this goal needed to be met. FarEye enabled the pizza delivery company to reduce their delivery time by 27% and helped them achieve more than 1.4 million contactless deliveries during the pandemic.

With FarEye’s platform, these companies have reduced delivery costs, improved delivery times, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. FarEye has over 150+ customers across 30+ countries, rapidly expanding its global presence and improving billions of deliveries worldwide.


FarEye’s platform facilitates flexibility and scalability. Its platform is built on a low code/no code framework, making it easy for businesses to configure and customise the software according to their needs. This enables rapid deployment and quick updates and reduces dependence on IT resources.

Real-Time Tracking And Visibility 

FarEye’s real-time visibility and tracking offering- Track has been exclusively built to keep in mind the need for customers and stakeholders to track shipments across the multiple legs of their delivery operation. Track helps retail, e-commerce, and third-party logistics companies gain accurate, real-time visibility into the movement of customer orders. With shipment-level visibility, detect delays and disruptions and collaborate to ensure every delivery arrives on time.

Real-time visibility from first-to-last mile is integral to delivery success, but it is equally challenging. Multiple carriers, delivery vehicles, and interdependent systems like TMS, WMS, and other carrier software increase the complexity of your delivery network. The track provides a unified view of the delivery network so stakeholders can monitor the movement of shipments accurately, calculate ETAs, predict disruptions, avoid delays, and achieve on-time order delivery.

In the middle east, a range of companies like Alliance Foods Company LLC, Eirad Trading & Contracting Company and Hilti Qatar are using FarEye’s capabilities to gain more visibility into their delivery operations. With FarEye, they have identified gaps in their delivery operations and are now better prepared to handle any disruptions or delays in the delivery process.

Another example of a company benefiting from FarEye’s real-time visibility is Blue Tribe Foods, a pioneer in plant-based meat products. Blue Tribe wanted to deliver their products to the consumers on demand and always on time. They faced challenges related to a need for real-time courier and driver visibility. FarEye’s delivery management platform helped Blue Tribe increase real-time visibility into customers’ orders from the order to the doorstep. More visibility led to an increase in driver productivity. 

A leading logistics company in QuadX in the Philippines specialising in e-commerce deliveries needed complete visibility into its last-mile delivery process. QuadX was able to digitalise its courier services and provide more real-time visibility across first-to-last-mile logistics throughout the delivery process. This led to a 307% growth in orders delivered since deploying FarEye. 


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