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ETA FM collaborates with FM Expo

ETA Facilities Management (FM), in collaboration with FM Expo, has announced that it will hold a free web seminar on whole life costing for FM professionals this Monday. Titled ‘Use of technology to measure and track assets and systems’ whole life costing,’ the workshop will be delivered in an online presentation format and will feature ETA FM’s top two executives, namely CEO Dr. Hayan Sayed and Aimad El Habti (bottom right), Director of Center of Excellence, as the main speakers.


The discussions of both Dr Sayed and El Habti will center on the benefits of whole life costing for asset owners companies. They will also identify the important variables and costs that should be taken into consideration in order to execute an accurate whole life costing analysis. ETA FM heads will explain how a report with correct data will help firms reduce their medium- and long-term expenses and ensure a better performing building. Furthermore, the lectures will look into Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system and why it is the best available tool to track ongoing costs.


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