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Qatar , ICANN Sign MoU on Enhnacing Cooperation in Internationalized Domain Names

Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber, Minister of Information and Communications Technology  and Fadi Chehade , President of ICANN

Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber, Minister of Information and Communications Technology and Fadi Chehade , President of ICANN

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) during the High-Level Government Meeting at ICANN’s 50th Public Meeting in London, which continues until Thursday, June 26.
The MoU, signed by HE Minister of Information and Communications Technology Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber, and President of ICANN, Fadi Chehade focuses on all involved parties agreeing to cooperate with the overall aim of supporting the development of the domain name industry and Internationalized Domain Names (such as those in Arabic script) in the region, as well as to promote the multi-stakeholder model of Internet Governance.
It also calls for the collaboration in joint projects and activities in areas related to ICANN’s mission and mandate.

“We are pleased to have a strategic partnership with ICANN to enhance our national efforts in positioning Qatar as a prominent player in the global digital economy. Qatar will also support ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model and globalization efforts to ensure that the Internet remains open and accessible for everyone,” said Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber on the occasion.

Addressing the ICANN’s High-Level Government Meeting, Dr. Al-Jaber said that the US Government decision to transfer its oversight function on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to the global multi-stakeholder community and the internationalization of the ICANN functions is a historic moment for the evolution and governance of the Internet: “We are looking forward to this new management model that will preserve the core critical functions of the Internet, which should be global, transparent, multi-stakeholder and free of control from a single entity,” the Minister added.

“This decision is to be applaud and our aim is to be actively work towards the completion of this process, which we hope to be open, fair, engaging, representative and reflective of the global geographical diversity. Regardless the sector we come from, whether it’s governmental, technical, social or academic, we should all work together, not only to maintain the current state of the Internet, but to also move forward to keep the internet as an open, interoperable, secure and safe platform for all users,” she said.

The meeting was attended by approximately 30 ministers from across the globe. The signing of this MoU highlights ICANN’s continuous regional engagement amongst different stakeholders, in promoting the DNS industry and the Internet governance multi-stakeholder approach nationally, regionally and globally.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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