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Arcadis to design new transport system for Jeddah

img05Arcadis, global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, announced earlier this week that through its subsidiary Hyder Consulting it has been appointed, as a part of the Foster + Partners team, to develop the architectural vision for a new, comprehensive public transport system in the city of Jeddah.

The comprehensive plan includes the design of metro stations, high-spec trains and even the branding. In addition, the commercial developments associated with the metro system will create new urban service features for the city of Jeddah at key locations below the elevated track.

Designed to reflect the local climate, the masterplan for Jeddah’s transport network draws on the high-density, compact urban model of the ancient quarter of Al Balad, with its mixture of uses and comfortable, walkable shaded streets. With only 12% of Jeddah’s population currently living within a ten minute walk of public transport it is hoped that the new transport system will increase this to 50% through a process of densification and strategic planning.


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