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The Independent Food Company Partner Up With International Health Game-Changers Joe & The Juice In Ksa

The Independent Food Company, a leading name within the F&B scene in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC has announced its partnership with the famed Joe & The Juice brand in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Exclusive Franchise Agreement is the first international name that the reputable brand has taken on after creating beloved names such as Salt, Public, Parkers & Somewhere, among a few homegrown names within the UAE & KSA. Today they have added health connoisseurs Joe & The Juice to their list of ever-growing delicious brands.

Kaspar Basse, Joe & The Juice Founder on the partnership in KSA with The Independent Food Company:We are on a mission to change how people perceive healthy food and drinks. This mission sits at the core of our soul’s mission. Everyone thinks healthy food is bland and boring, and we continue to prove them wrong with our menu. We are thrilled to have partnered with The Independent Food Company which also understands food and the soul of every brand. Not only is the KSA market a great move for us within the Gulf and the Middle East but partnering with them will help us establish an important foothold in one of the fastest-growing markets. They are the experts in food, markets, and brands, who hasn’t heard of Salt? It caused quite the international noise! F&B is their game and we trust this journey with them. The current growth plan includes 4 branches in the first year, 7 in the second, and 10 in the third year… and then we take it forward some more.”

All drinks at Joe & The Juice are made to order, and the KSA menu will include multiple juice options and many of the brand’s global favorite juices such as Joe’s Identity, cucumber, kale, broccoli, spinach, lemon, the Pick Me Up, raspberry, banana, and apple. Their famous shakes include the Coco Shake, Raw cacao, banana, choco almond milk, vanilla milk, the Re-Build Shake, Protein, avocado, banana, choco almond milk, and the Blue Magic, avocado, dates, lemon, protein, chia seeds, blue spirulina, cashew & coconut milk, to name a few.

Deem AlBassam, Managing Director at The Independent Food Company: “There is immense love for the brand already, and it is very well established on a global scale. Joe & The Juice is arriving in the market at an opportune time as trends have seen a continuous rise in healthy products and beverages. This is the first international collaboration for us. We have put our trust in a recognized and respected brand because we love to introduce new and exciting concepts into the market. Fast and healthy options, or a hot cup of coffee following a sandwich and salad, it is a great tasting healthy menu packed with flavor and variety. We can’t wait to develop 100 stores within the next 10 years across the Kingdom with our new partners.”

Joe & The Juice is a game-changer within the F&B industry as populations seek healthier and more creative juices and flavorful vegan options. Lifestyles are shifting towards a healthier route, with available support and options for this lifelong journey with the expanding menu. From coffee, tea, and delicious sandwiches to fresh juices, healthy shakes, veggie shots, and power shakes, the menu includes vegan options as well as colors and flavors to satisfy every creative palate.

Joe & The Juice is here to lead the way towards change, hand in hand with their new partners.


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