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MILWAUKEE introduces the next generation of Shockwave Impact Duty – Impact Socket Range

MILWAUKEE continues to deliver ground-breaking accessory solutions with the introduction of the next generation SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY™ Impact Socket range, available in ¼”, ³⁄8”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” square drives.

Engineered for use with impact wrenches, drivers, and ratchets, this new line of sockets features the boldest, longest-lasting markings and extreme impact durability to withstand high torque applications.

The SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY™ Sockets provide maximum wear resistance with stamped and ink-filled size markings, making it easier for users to select the right socket for their application throughout the entire life of the socket. Constructed with high-strength forged steel, these sockets deliver optimised performance in heavy-duty applications, and a non-slip hex geometry prevents socket and fastener rounding.

For easy socket attachment and removal, the sockets are complete with a dual-hole design and ring groove.
Completing the SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY™ offering, Milwaukee® offers impact socket accessories including socket extensions, universal joints, adapters, and reducers. The impact socket extensions allow access in hard-to-reach places, while universal joints feature a 15 or 25-degree swivel to provide users with better access.

For maximum versatility, impact socket adapters and reducers allow users to convert their tool for usage with
different drive size sockets. The SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY™ accessories are available in ¼”, ³⁄8”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” drive sizes. Retaining rings feature a one-piece design and are made of a flexible rubber material for hassle-free installation on the sockets.


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