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AD Ports Group Announces For A Joint Exercise At Delma Port

One of the top organizations facilitating international trade, logistics, and business, AD Ports Group, is alerting the public to a joint training exercise that will take place at Delma Port on November 24, 2022, at 10:00 am. This will be done as part of ongoing planning and preparation for emergency and crisis response in Abu Dhabi. The exercise will simulate a maritime incident at the port.

This joint exercise will involve some participants from the private sector and thirteen government organizations.

Participants include the Emergencies, Crises and Disasters Management Centre in Abu Dhabi (Joint Local Operations Center); Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority; Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Department of Municipalities and Transport; Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority; Department of Health – Abu Dhabi; Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center – Tadweer; Department of Culture and Tourism; Abu Dhabi Customs; National Center of Meteorology; Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC); Abu Dhabi Government Media Office; Abu Dhabi Airports Company (Delma Island Airport); Zayed Search and Rescue Volunteer Team; Dalma Co-operative Society; and National Search and Rescue Center; and  Emirates Red Crescent.

The joint exercise aims to evaluate the abilities of the numerous organizations taking part in the exercise, as well as to identify their skill gaps. It will enhance the capacity of AD Port Group and other participating businesses to manage potential risks in situations that call for a coordinated response.

Preparation for the joint exercise includes establishing all participating organizations’ roles and duties and designating observers to assess team performance. It will also comprise developing a communication management team, identifying reaction team activities and priorities, evaluating the degree of emergency classification, and collaborating with authorities. Furthermore, the exercise will guarantee that the resources and capabilities necessary to monitor the potential hazards of any crisis and how best to respond are accessible.


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