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Sharjah Islamic Bank organizes workshop on Investment and Financial Management

Sharjah Islamic Bank organised a virtual workshop titled ‘Investment and Financial Management’. The workshop was attended by 55 Emirati talents, seeking for knowledge and training on the basics of Finance Management. It was held in partnership with the Badiri Education and Development Academy, the learning and capacity building arm of the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), The workshop included 7 main themes. These included the difference between saving and investment, the stages of investment in a person’s life, the available investment methods and the differentiation between different investment assets, in addition to present and future opportunities, current market trends, and the importance of discipline in investment.

Fatima Al Suwaidi, Head of Learning and Development at Sharjah Islamic Bank, said: “This workshop comes within the framework of the bank’s commitment to its social responsibilities, especially those related to supporting women and the constant endeavour to enhance their professional capabilities in a way that enables them to effectively contribute to the comprehensive development process. It empowers Emirati women, providing them with the knowledge they need, especially in the fields of investment and business, by providing specialized workshops and training courses that contribute to improving performance and help achieve goals.”

Dr Mona Al Ali, Director of the Badri Academy, said: “This type of workshop embodies the impact of cooperation and joint work on achieving qualitative achievements that serve institutions and individuals and enhance their contribution to the advancement of countries’ economies and growth rates. The job market is directed to those wishing to develop their job performance and start their entrepreneurial projects, which saves a lot of time and effort and turns academic subjects into practical learning that has tangible results.

She added, “After the success of the experience of cooperation with the government and private institutions in the country, we are looking forward to expanding the base of this cooperation and opening new horizons for young male and female entrepreneurs to acquire new skills in various fields that will serve the future of their business and develop their professional and functional performance.”

The workshop, which witnessed interaction from all the participants in the workshop, aimed to explain the elements of sound investment and the data of the local market to empower women and help them make correct investment decisions that would help launch a phase in the process of economic development.


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