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Concerts and wedding parties to be hosted at space soon

Space Perspective company in Florida has announced unique plans to hold wedding parties in a portable capsule, which be equal to a size of a stadium located at a height of 100,000 feet.

Over 300 seats on the capsules for 2024 flights are already sold out, according to the company’s website.

The company said the ticket would cost $125,000, adding that it received booking applications from many clients to hold concerts.

Portable capsules will be inside a giant space balloons and can accommodate eight passengers, whom it will take to the stratosphere layer, in a six-hour long journey.


The passengers will enjoy watching the earth from inside the capsule and will see Florida and the Bahamas during the take off.

When they reach the highest spot, they will see the full black space and the blue iconic space line that astronauts have talked about.

The company said it would provide capsules with full services including Wi-Fi.

Capsules will be launched from the Kennedy Space Centre of Nasa and will be free from emissions.

It takes about two hours to reach a height of 30 kilometres and throughout the trip; food will be served to passengers.

The company indicated that non-incandescent windows would provide an opportunity for photography from inside the capsule.


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